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A Hands Warmth

March 26, 2021
By Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
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A hand's warmth is the first thing another feels as the heart reaches out, to caress the soul. It’s immediate grip igniting fiery passion that blossoms into a beautiful rose of friendship, and wraps the body in vines of seemingly unbreakable bonds, but like an expression hands can lie. They can reverberate warmth but under the bones are cold and cracked piercing secretly into the other mind to squirm its way in and poison their heart. Cold hands often are shows of that cold frozen anger that lies just below the surface, the suffering and pain that can't be spoken or expressed but have seeped into the bones taking the most extreme measures to be seen. A lot can be told from the hands, the warmth or lack thereof, the cleanliness or filth, and the cuts, scars, and bruises. Though the inside of the body, mind, and heart hide secrets if eyes look closely at another's body, and change their fixed perception they can see past the tender or broken flesh and see into the hearts of others simply from the touch of a hand. Taking another into their hands, pull them to their feet and continue to hold it through the remainder of life, to carry with them always their closest friends and gather along more till there is hundred holding together their hands strong, no matter the color or tenderness of skin. The heart blossoms like a fiery rose bursting from the body its vines tying together their hand held together in joy. It links them and slowly more roses begin to grow and burst out from the body's depth. A beautiful garden flourishes through the earth giving life to the reddened soil and exhausted, dehydrated, grass. All through the touch of a hand, a green thumb, gardeners love, Sowing the seed of love and kindness, on stone, soil, and sea. The stone begins to crack and crumble as the seed flowers inside its hardened core, growing and letting the vines crawl from the crack buds appearing on its rough surface. The soil absorbs the seeds into it, letting it sink in and blossom till green stems and leaves litter its surface with small flowers to be picked and planted in other lands. The sea, where seeds refuse to grow suddenly begin to glow and burst with luminescent and transcendent light. Rooting itself to even the darkest depths of undiscovered water, giving way to beauty within the hopeless depth. A diamond in the rust. So hands reach out and curesses each other, let the bodys warm floral emotion slowly grow and empathize with another's body. Let the soul plant and grow its gardens of the mind, to help repair the damaged disturbed earth. Change the eyes perspective, the heart's pain and the mind's disgrace. Let fourth the flowers of love so that the body may begin to heal and open the mind to enlightenment. ↭

The author's comments:

The fourth story in A Collection Of Thought. A posative message to those who've been on this journey of life with me.

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Ari5191 BRONZE said...
on Mar. 29 2021 at 12:41 pm
Ari5191 BRONZE, Poland, Maine
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Aw, this story is really cute and heartwarming. It's also very descriptive. . . I love it!!