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The Chronicles of Nat & J

May 7, 2009
By Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
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Nat & Jay were walking to the restaurant down the road to meet up with Kay, Al, and his little sister Rose, when they saw Grace sitting alone by the fountain in the park. “Hey Grace” Nat said walking up t her, but she just sat there looking at the water as the fountain continued to create ripples in the image looking back at her. “Grace… hey GRACE… woo-hoo anybody there?” Nat said then looked up at his twin Jay. “What do you thinks wrong with her?” he asked. “Beats me somebody probably made her mad again and she’s not talking to anybody” J shrugged walking closer to Nat “try shaking her” he said. Nat started to tap Grace’s shoulder, then J picked up her hand and made her slap herself. “OWWW… what was that for?” she asked finally coming out of her trance. “He did it” Nat immediately ratted his brother out to the young teen. “J what the hell was that for?” Grace exclaimed clearly mad. “You ignored us so I made you slap yourself” he said explaining his actions to her. “What do you mean ignore I didn’t know you were here until you slapped me” Grace said defensively. “We’ve been here for like five minutes trying to get you to talk, what’s up with you you’ve been acting so emo lately” Nat questioned. “Nothing just leave it, I’m not even talking about it to you” she says shooing them away. “Fine… just stay here and be emo just don’t come begging to me for a razor blade” Nat yelled walking off pissed. “Grace what is wrong with you, your-your acting like a total—“J starts to say. “what am I acting like J just go ahead and say it I don’t even care anymore, first its my mom and then its Nat and what next your going to get mad and run off too?” she said sarcastically. “No I’m trying to help” J says sitting down beside her. “How can you help, you’re not getting yelled at?” Grace said pouting. “What is your mom yelling at you now about” J asked clearly not shocked. “The usually me not being a ‘girl’ and my attitude lately you know the ‘acting like an a**’” she said quoting her mothers words. “What do you expect with her and day arguing even after the divorce” she continued. “Well have you considered you ‘acting like an a** is only making things worse?” J asked “yup and I’ve tried to be nice and nothing works anymore so I give up” Grace said dropping the angry act and just looking depressed. “Well…just try and be patient with her” J said. “Ohhh …yeah coming from the person who argues with everything and flips out when his brother takes too long to order” she rants. “Whatever… just because I give others advice doesn’t mean I take it myself stupid” J says jokingly “you should” grace replies. “Like I said whatever…come on” J says standing up. “where?” grace asks “to eat you were invited too plus I just want to p*** Nat off, if he sees that I calmed you down ad he couldn’t… well that would just make my day” J said picking on his brothers patience. “Nice to know I’m going to make someone’s day a living hell” she said getting up to follow J. “that’s the spirit now come on, off to ruin lives” J said coming up beside her they just laughed and walked to the restaurant. “Hey Nat…” J says walking in with Grace. “How did you… b-but I … I hate you right now Marcus James” Nat says. “I know, your just jealous that I got her to calm down” J said sitting down. “Grace you came” Rose squealed. “Well when J said I could ruin Nat’s day I just couldn’t resist.” Grace said sitting down between Nat & Jay as everyone started to crack up even Nat burst out laughing eventually.

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I wrote this as an assignment for english 3 and decided to post it

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