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Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad

July 4, 2009
By Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
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Jason had just grduated high school with the higest honors in his class. He was the model upcomming citizen, he even lanned on going into the mariene core before college to help with national strains overseas. He decided the week bwfore he was to be deployed that he would celebrate his succeess and informed his parents about his idea to have a party with his friends at their house. Jason promised his parents that it would not get out of hand and with Jason's track record his parents believed him. It was the day before he party and everything was going perfect everyone he had invited was comming and he was now one of the few popular crowd in his graduating class. Jason went through the day with the utmost confedence that the party would go off with a bang the next day. "i'll have the party no one will forget." was his last thoughts before he went to sleep that night. The next morning he went downstairs to see his parents had already put up the decorations he had bought for him. "ok Jasdon we'll be staying at the hotel in town, if you have any problems just call the number by the phone. ok" his mom called. "we're trusting you to keep things under control Jason" his father said before they left at noon. Jason only had to wait a few more hours until the party started he decided to make sure he had everything he needed and went down his checklist: Snacks, Drinks, and ect... Everything was in order. By the time everything was checked, and doubble checked, and even tripple checked it was only a little while before the party started and he decided to take a shower and get ready for the party. By the time he got out of the shower it was time for the party to start, and he ran downstairs to hear people banging on the door to get in for the party. It didn't take long for the party to set off, it didn't even take long for peopleto start walking around funny. "it's just every body is dancing soo much and there getting tired." Jason thought passing twon people asleep on the sofa on his way to get something to drink. Five sips of his "drink" later he was feeling funny himself and noticed people outside partying as well to the music from the speackers around the pool and he went outside to join in the fun. After jumping into the pool with a group of his friends due to a adrenaline rush his friends notified him as a "buzz" he noticed some lights showing through the windows leading to the front door then suddenly he was snatched out of the pool by a police officer and while being told his rights he was taken to a patrol car awaiting out front that was piled with other of his friends. When he arrived at the police station he was told "you have one phone call use it wisely" he immediatly asked for a phonebook and called his parents at the hotel. "mom, dad. I have good news and bad news" he said into the reciever. "son whats the matter" his mom asked. "is everyting alright" his father asked. "well yes and no. Would you like to hear the news it should explain everything" Jason said regretfully. "yes son" his parents replied in unison. "Well the good news is the neighbors came over and wished me good luck and i'm now one of the most popular people in my graduating class. I also got accepted into Harvard and Yale. But the bad news is that someone at the party got caught with illegal drugs at the party and i'm totally going to get killed in jail." he cried into the phone as his father tried to wake his wife after she fainted hearng his son's news.

The author's comments:
Wrote it because i was bored. I was inspired by a video I wacthed on You Tube.

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