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May 11, 2009
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Jayden. How could a six letter word slowly take over my entire life? Jayden was the boy with the blue eyes, beautiful tanned skin, and amazing, dirty blonde, shaggy hair. He was tall and athletic and was incredibly smart. I loved everything about him. He was in all of my classes and the reason I kept living.
It all started in the 7th grade. I had just turned 13 and my life was miserable. I had no friends and my grades were terrible. My parents were constantly on my back and I would usually stay home all weekend and mop around about my pathetic life. Then things started to change when Jayden transferred to our school. I can remember the day like it was yesterday:
“Sit up Kimberly!” yelled Mrs. Marker at me from across the room.
“How many times do I have to tell you to pay attention!” she went on.
“You can not afford to get another F, do you know what that would do to your grade?! One more F means you fail my class and if that happens, you will have to attend summer school! Does your education matter to you at all?” she yelled.
I was just about to argue back when Miss Johnson, the school secretary, peeked her head into the door.
“Excuse me Mrs. Marker, i'm sorry to interrupt, but I have a new student for you. He just transferred to Oak View Middle School from Washington Academy.” said Miss Johnson. Then stepping to the side, she said, “Class, this is Jayden Chrysler.” With that she led him into the classroom and left.
“Welcome Jayden, I’m Miss Marker and this is my English class. Now if you would step over here I will give you a list of the necessary materials and direct you to your new seat.” said Ms Marker.
“Kay” answered Jayden.
They spent a while in the corner of the room and then Ms Marker and Jayden came over to my seat at the back of the room.
“This is your seat Jayden” she said pointing to the seat in front of me. “And once again, welcome to Marker’s English class!” then in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, she was once again at the front of the room.
“Hey, do you have a pencil?”
Those were the first words that Jayden said to me. At that moment I fell in love. Something in my heart turned on and there was this deep feeling inside me that said we were meant to me together. That he was for me, belonged to me, and was off limits to everyone but me. There was also a part of me that said that I had to keep him close to me and my heart at all costs!
I sat there frozen in both embarrassment and admiration. At last I was able to sputter something back.
“Yeah, umm take this one.” I said handing him the one in my hand.
“Thanks, um what’s your name?” he asked.
“Kimberly, but you can call me Kim.” I told him fearlessly.
“Cool” he replied.
He turned around and for the rest of the period; I stared at the back of his amazingly beautiful head. When the bell rang at last, Jayden got up to leave.
“Kim, here’s your pencil. Ohh…, do you know where room 509 is?”
“Yeah, uhh... I’m headed there next too, maybe if you want me to walk you there….”
“Sure, that’d be cool.” He responded.
I stood up and went to my locker. Jayden waited for me and then, together, we headed off to math class.
“So….” I said.
“Yeah...” Jayden answered.
“Where do you live?” I asked suspiciously.
“Umm...” he wrinkled his forehead. “I’m not really sure, but I think my house is down by Tree Bark Road and 24th Lane.” He said.
“Ohh… I live way out in the country, but that’s way far off.” I told him.
The bell rang, ending our small talk. We took our seats and again all period long, I stared at the back of Jayden’s head. The bell rang, releasing us to lunch and as usual I took my seat at the back of the lunch room, next to the dumpsters. To my surprise I saw my Jayden coming towards me. He waved with his empty hand. I straightened up and tried to flash him one of my most seductive smiles, but it was probably a scary sight. I sincerely thought that he was going to sit with me but he sat with a group of boys. I stood up to get a better look and was infuriated to see him sitting next to Damien and his GIRL FRIEND! I felt like ripping the girl’s eyes out just for sitting near my Jayden.
I picked up my tray and angrily dumped it into the trash can. I ignored all the teachers and headed outside. I sat down under a tree and looked around at all the other girls who could probably try to steal my boyfriend. I looked at one girl and then at another. Who could not like him? He looked like a Greek god and he was hard to keep away from.
Weeks passed, and the same routine continued. I would sit by the dumpster’s, while my Jayden would sit next to the horrible Jenny. I couldn’t take it any more. I had to do something, right?
The study hall bell rang and I headed inside. I grabbed my books from my locker and went to the library. I sat down and then I saw my worst enemy. I saw Jenny, sitting down reading a book. She got up and told her friend she was going to the bathroom and I followed her.
Once in the bathroom, I faced Jenny.
“You better stay away from him, Jenny!” I screamed at her.
Jenny turned around in shock.
“What are you taking about?” asked Jenny in confusion.
“You know exactly what i’m talking about! Don’t act all innocent!” I continued.
“Kimberly, stay away from who? What are you talking about?!!”
I got up real close to Jenny’s face and made sure she understood me.
“Look, Jenny, you listen and you listen good. You ever get close to Jayden again and I will personally, make you wish you were never born!” I threatened.
Jenny looked at me in horror.
“Ohh my god, I have a boyfriend.” She tried to explain. “I don’t even like Jayden! Were just friends. That’s all!” she finished, defending herself.
“Just remember what I told you and make sure you don’t make a mistake.” I said lightly tracing her face with the tip of my finger.
With that I gathered my books and headed towards the door. I turned around quickly, to end the conversation.

“And don’t go telling anyone, Kay? Because you’ll regret that too!”

I pushed the door open and went to class, leaving Jenny terrified in the bathroom.

The next day I waited until lunch to see if jenny was dumb enough to interfere with my Jayden. I waited and waited but was both happy and surprised to see Jayden eating alone with Alan and Ethan. I went up to the salad bar that was conveniently next to their table.

“Hey why didn’t Damien and Jenny have lunch with us?” asked Jayden.

“I told you man,” said Alan. “Jenny wasn’t feeling well and she went to the nurse and Damien went with her”

“Ohh” said Jayden.

“Dude, that explains why she was acting so weird this morning.” Said Ethan.

“I don’t think so it seemed like she had something on her mind, not like she was feeling sick.” Explained Alan.

“Either way, I’m gonna ask Damien what was the real reason she was acting so weird. Do you think he’ll tell me?” asked Jayden.

“Not sure Jay,” answered Ethan. “Damien and Jenny are really close; I doubt he’ll tell you.”

“Whatever” said Alan.

The bell rang and we all headed to class.


“Kimberly! Just stop! Stop It!”

“Jayden! Wait! It’s not what you think!” I screamed back.

He picked up the phone and called the horrifying number.

“911, what’s your emergency?” asked the lady on the other line.

“Yeah, there’s this girl, in my house, and she comes here like all the time, she’s a stalker!”

“Umm…, we’ll send the police your way, I guess.” said the lady in confusion.

“Jayden, i'm not a stalker! We’re just meant to be together! Together! Forever!” I yelled.

“The cops are on their way! You better leave, you psycho manic!” he screamed back at me.

We were now in the 10th grade and my feelings for Jayden had gone above and beyond. We were in his room and he had found me going through his room. I went every night right before he came home from basketball practice. By this time many years had passed since my encounter with jenny in the bathroom, and I had not seen her since. I followed him every where. I was there when he went to school, following secretly behind him. I was there when he won the soccer season championship, and I was also there when he slept, like an angel, in his room. My grades had dropped drastically and I was never home. I was a stalker! I was madly in love with Jayden Chrysler. I couldn’t stand to be away from him. We had to be together day and night!

I tried to talk my way out of this but I knew that that wasn’t going to happen. I looked for the nearest way out and jumped out the window I ran all the way home and I could hear the sirens in the background. I got to my house in record time.

Monday morning came and I got ready for school but ditched. I wasn’t able to see his face, his anger and hatred. I went to the local park instead and thought about the past few months.

I remember still when the school dance came and I made sure that Jayden got sick and couldn’t go. Then I still remember when Jenny mysteriously disappeared without a trace to be found. I knew that all my bad deeds would work out, and in the end, Jayden and I would be together. I just don’t understand how he doesn’t see how we are made for each other. I was determined to make sure that no girl ever got near him. I was willing to do anything to get those girls out of my way. ANYTHING! I had already gotten rid of Jenny, getting rid of a couple more wouldn’t hurt. I mean who would miss them. I got up and went to the nearby drug store. I bought a soda and a bag of chips and went to sit down at the school bleachers to see if I could get a glimpse of my future husband. I was halfway done with my junk food when I saw something that almost destroyed my whole soul. I saw Jayden, flirting with Leah Anderson from our science class. I threw the bag down and stomped off the bleachers. This wasn’t going to end like this. Something was going to be done.


A month had passed since I had been caught. The first day I got back, I heard something that broke my heart.

“I can’t believe Leah is going out with Jayden!” gossiped the girls in the hallway. “He is like so hot!”

I tried to block out there nonsense talk. I couldn’t stand the talk of my boyfriend going out with some other girl. What was so special about Leah Anderson anyway?

“Omg!” screamed the girls “here comes Leah now!”

I looked up disgusted. She was wrapped around Jayden’s arm. She was a tall, brunette. Athletic, smart, funny and had a great body. No wonder Jayden picked her over me. She strutted down the hall in her blue shorts, sneakers, and tank top. With her hair down and blue eyes bright. She looked as happy as if she had won the greatest prize in the world. Ohh… wait she had!

“So, ill see you after lunch, right?” Leah asked Jayden.

“Of course.” He answered.

Jayden walked Leah to her class, lightly kissed her cheek and then left for his class. I walked in right behind him and then sat across the room from him. I had never done this before because then he would see me staring at me.

He looked up from his work and caught me staring. He glared at me with hate-filled eyes and turned around. The class passed by quickly and he was the first one out the door. I ran after him and tried to tell him how I was strangely attracted to him.

“Jayden wait, I need to…”

“Look, I don’t like you! I never did! I was being nice!” he exclaimed. “Leave me alone, I have a girl friend! Ok?”

He slammed his locker shut and left me standing in the hall alone and crying. I ran into the bathroom and cried for three hours straight. I went home early and locked myself in my room and tried to forget about Jayden. It was impossible. It was like trying to remove a tattoo with a tissue. It was something that couldn’t be done.

The days, weeks, and months passed. Things with Jayden and Leah kept getting better and better. My life kept getting worse. I watched them in the halls while they hugged and kissed. And I watched them when they walked home together hand in hand. To most people it looked like true love. I was still following Jayden around, but in a more covert manner. I tried again and again to keep him from seeing me day after day, as I followed him to school, during school, and after school.

I watched from the outside as dances came and went and Jayden and Leah were the last ones slow dancing on the dance floor. I grieved when I saw Jayden and Leah spend their spring and summer vacations together. I knew that if I wanted to be with Jayden for the rest of my life I had to do some thing.


Senior year. It’s supposed to be one of the best years of your life. But for me it was a nightmare. Everyone hated me and nobody had talked to me since 8th grade and I never made any intent to be friends with anyone. Jayden and Leah were the high school sweethearts and they were together every second of every day. I would stay out of the picture and secretly wish for them to break up.

The year progressed and I became more and more obsessed with being with Jayden. I had a deep yearning to be in his arms, to be Leah. I dreamt endlessly for the day that would probably never come. I would stay up all night and imagine how much better my life would be with Jayden in it and loving me. I thought about what would happen if Leah wasn’t there for him any more. Ohh, how I wished!

The end of the year came slowly and dreadfully. We dressed for the big graduation night and arrived at the school 1 hour before the ceremony began. The people around me were crying and embracing each other, talking about the past. I just ignored them and looked out side.

The ceremony began and diplomas were passed out. Many of the students graduated cum laude, but I just barley graduated. Once everyone had received their diplomas students were called up to say a couple of words. Then Jayden stood up. I sat up straighter and flashed a big smile at him, but he turned the other way. He stood at the microphone and began his speech.

“Through all these years of school, I found out that love comes and goes, but true love sticks around. A couple of years ago I met someone that has been there for every thing.”

I got this insane idea that Jayden was talking about me.

“After all these years I can truly say I love her. And I think that I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with this person.”

He pulled the mike off the stand and stepped off the platform. He walked over to Leah and knelt before her. Pulling out a small box, he said the dreadful words.

“Miss Leah Anderson, will you marry me?” he asked romantically.

Leah burst into tears and jumped into his arms.

“Of course!” she sobbed into the mike.

The whole crowd burst into applause and I ran off stage. I hurried into the bathroom and started crying my eyes out.


“Jayden Chrysler and Leah Anderson joyfully announce their marriage! July 16th 2009.”

All the newspapers had these horrifying messages on them. It was now May 11, and there were a couple of months to go until my life was officially over. I spent everyday in bed thinking about Jayden and his fiancé. I couldn’t think straight and usually ended up lying on the floor, crying.

A week later I decided to go see Jayden before my nightly visit. I climbed up the tree, to his second story window and hurried into his room. Once inside I couldn’t resist and I layed down on top of his bed. I breathed in the addicting aroma. For a few seconds I was knocked out by this delicious sweet scent that took over and shook my entire body. I rolled around in the bed and went through his drawers. I looked through his family pictures and hid a couple in my shirt. Not that I didn’t have enough, I had the inside of my closet full of pictures of him.

I looked around the room and waited for him to come home from basketball practice. I waited and waited and then at last I heard his voice come from down stairs. My spirit lifted instantly and I kneeled down on the bed. I heard him coming up the stairs and then my body tingled with joy as he opened the door. Then hate took over as I saw him holding Leah in his arms. His back was to me and instantly I sprinted to the window. In one swift movement I was outside hiding in the tree, like an insidious creature.

I watched from outside as they layed down on the bed and talked about their future together. I slowly slid down the tree, scratching my knees and elbows on the way down. I ran home and cried till 2 a.m. I had never felt so miserable.


“I am so happy for you” sobbed Leah’s best friend, Darla. “You look so beautiful.”

They looked at each other and embraced. Leah looked at herself in the mirror one more time and then asked Darla to help her pull on her veil. She applied a fresh coat of lip stick and was ready to go.

“They’re ready for you” said her brother, Tom.

“Ok,” responded Leah.

Darla and Leah walked out together and then Tom took her arm to walk her down the aisle. I could hear the wedding music from outside the cathedral and I shook with excitement. I gripped the metal object in my hands even tighter and waited for the perfect moment.

I waited for the ceremony to begin. After waiting for what seemed like forever my cue came.

“Jayden Chrysler, do you take Leah Anderson, as your lawfully wedded wife?”

“Yes, I do.” He answered happily.

“Leah Anderson, do you take Jayden Chrysler, as your lawfully wedded husband?”

“Yes, I do.” She answered with a smile.

“Then with the power vested in me I now pronounce you….”

I threw open the doors and ran inside. I aimed at Leah.

“Kimberly, No!!!!” screamed Jayden from the altar.

He threw himself in front of Leah. I ignored him. If I couldn’t be with him nobody could.

I took a deep breathe, and aimlessly pulled the trigger, knowing I would regret it.

“July 30th 2008,

The wedding both high school graduates, Jayden Chrysler 19, and Leah Anderson 18, were waiting for ended with disaster. An obsessed woman, Kimberly Morgan 19, entered the cathedral with premeditated murder in mind. The 19-year-old shot at the bride, Leah Anderson, who even protected by her husband to be, died instantly. Jayden Chrysler also received a gun shot wound but was rushed to the hospital in time, survived.

Kimberly Morgan is now facing 45 years in prison for murder, and attempted murder, along with 15 years of probation. Jayden Chrysler, himself admitted to having called the police on Morgan, and her following him constantly. Let this be a lesson to all teens who think they are in love, but are defiantly wrong.

-Samantha Richards, editor and chief.

The author's comments:
This story is about teen love gone wrong.

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Interesting story!

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