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Crushed and Crashed

August 11, 2009
By lemons_r_crazy BRONZE, Holdenville, Oklahoma
lemons_r_crazy BRONZE, Holdenville, Oklahoma
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Such a feeling washed through me as I held her limp body. Distorted and crushed I pulled her closer to me. Grief and horror pulled my brow into a thick thine. I couldn't stop the blood, so I let it run onto me, warm and full of life. Her life. Her beautiful face now covered with dust and dried blood. Chills shot down my spine as her breathing slowed. I pulled her in tighter, careful not to break any more bones.
As I held her I felt her heartbeat decrease. It was thumping and pumping just moments before, and now the glass that cut through it had almost stopped the beating.
The pain of my body was nothing compared to the emotional pain I was experiencing. I sobbed uncontrollably as I looked upon my lovers face. I brushed her hair back,trying not to touch the exposed skull. I picked up her hand and held it one last time. My ring still on her burned fingers.
Fires still blazing around us I lay down next to her and cried. I drew her even closer as the stake that pierced my chest slowed my beating. I closed my eyes for what felt like the final time. The last sound to reach my ears were the horrified screams and the search rescuers whistle......

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