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Sam Slipped Away Chapter 3 - Crush Crush Faint

October 6, 2009
By Karina129 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Karina129 BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Or you could just let us run away while you angerly shake ur fist in the air and scream "YOU ROTTEN KIDS!!!"

"I didnt forget ....i choose not to do it :)"

*1 week later*


It's only been 1 week since Sam passed away. The funeral is in a few days. I have decideit's time to go back to school. Freddie is goinging to try to come. He really hasn't talked to me much about the death of Sam and I'm Starting to wonder why. I would think he would be gloomy but he is gloomy and he cries to. (ha ha his mom tells me that he cries!) but of course i know he would cry. This was our Best Friend not mine, not his, ours!

*First peroid Home Room, History*
"Pshh" Freddie went. He tried to get my attention when he had a not in his had to me. "Read it and hurry because, well you know how is with us."

"okay! okay!" I told him getting the note from Wendy because she was closer. I read it, fast and it said.
"Carly, I can't be here and I can't be near my mom right now. Can I stay at your place till I'm ready to leave? Tell me you answer after class, Kay. Oh and If I can talk to you after school. Is Spencer going to be there? Right now i need to talk to "you"!

I wrote.
"Freddie, yeah you can stay and Spencer won't be there till tomorrow because he is coming with Sock-O and Tyler. You just need to explain to me what is going on in your mind right now with Sam. This isn't easy at all.
I passed it back to Wendy then she gave me another note from her.
"Hey Carly, You busy after school like for 10 minutes at groovy smoothie maybe. I need to ask you something."
I wrote Yeah If Freddie can go because he is like staying at my place for now but if he can't go tell me after school and i'll just text you later."
I handed her both the notes and then the bell ringed.

*After lunch/Passing period*

"CARLY!!!" Freddie yelled.

"What????" I yelled right back.

"I need to go home. I can't handle being her knowing that Sam died right here in this hallway and now you said i can have her locker, which I don't mind but, you know it's hard!" He sat up against the lockers covering his face. I felt bad for him. "I can't be here. I'm going home." He started leaving towards the door.

"Freddie, you can't just leave!!!" I yelled. he paused in the hallway near the door.

"Really Carls, I hate to say this to you but, Watch Me!" He left.

Freddie Benson was the boy who never ditched school and made good grades but all this was changing. What was happening with my last "Best" friend left on earth. Where was Freddie Benson going and who was this new kid that I don't know.

The author's comments:
I saw a youtube video like this and wanted to add more to the story and put the whole story on fan fiction.this is from chapter 3 of the story. chapter one isn't the best. This part might not give off anything from the whole story.

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