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Take Me There~ Part one

November 7, 2009
By WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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The First Breakfast-

Yaela looked at me over her orange juice container, sighing at my ratty clothes. Elaenah held up her comic book, rolling her eyes at Yaela's sigh. Aria was next to me, smiling at the two older siblings. I smirked at Yaela, grabbing the orange juice from her and pouring myself a glass.

“Cote, do you really have to wear those grubby clothes?” Yaela started, a rant about to be unleashed. “I mean, we just got off the plane from Israel two days ago, and you're wearing clothes we haven't even washed from that flight yet! Come on Cote, show a little class. It's the least you could do. Elaenah and I have to get jobs, and you have to take Aria to school. You need to look nice!” I got up, and went over to cabinet, grabbing my cereal.

“I know, Yaela. Mommy and Daddy can't be here to take care of us, and you need me to look out for Aria, while you and Elaenah support us overall. I've hear this talk 10 times before!” I exclaimed, moving over to the table again, and picking up my bowl to pour in the cereal.

“Okay Cote, I get your point. Now go change,” Yaela scoffed, finishing her toast, and getting up, her skirt and suit top making her look stiff. She was going job hunting today, but to me, she just looked ridiculous. “I have to get going. See you all tonight, I'll cook us dinner.” Then she left.

“You don't have to change Cote, it's okay,” Elaenah murmured, standing up and stretching. “I'm going to walk you and Aria to the bus in 10 minutes, get ready!” I smiled at my two sisters, heading over to my seat at the table, where my backpack rested against it. Aria got up to brush her hair, while I scarfed down my cereal...


Aria and I sat on a disgusting bus bench. The paint was peeling, splinters were sticking out of the wood, and gum was under the seats. We had bid farewell to Elaenah, hoping she could find a good job, but hadn't realized how disgusting the buses would be.

“Um, Cote..Can I ask you something?” Aria's timid voice asked me.

“Of course Aria! You know you can ask me anything,” I replied, turning to look at my little sister, while we waited for the rumbling bus,

“Since.... Well... I miss Mommy, and Daddy! Why is Mosad going after them? I mean, it's just... I know we had to leave Israel because of Mosad, and I know that Daddy had to stay, and that's why Mommy stayed but... I don't want to live with just my sisters, I want my parents!” Her little body shook, and I felt awful. I had no idea how much this would hurt Aria, and as soon as she started crying, I put my arm around her, murmuring sounds of comfort.

A choking sound started coming from up the street, and we saw a bus coughing up exhaust, and looking as if it was going to fall off of it's wheels. I grabbed Aria, to pull her up, and we headed towards the bus. She swiped away the tears on her cheeks, and stood with me as the bus lurched to a stop in front of us.

The driver opened the door and we quickly stepped up into the school bus, our new classmates sitting in the back. I took her to the middle, and we heard wolf whistles greet us. Aria cringed, and curled up on her seat, keeping her feet off the floor, who knew what would be there??? I kept a protective arm around her, keeping everyone away from us.

As the bus gurgled, it's gears grinding, we started forth again, and I looked straight ahead, never blinking.

School Blues-

I have five notebooks, one binder, 24 pencils, 15 pens, 12 erasers, 200sheets of notebook paper, and 3 art pens in my backpack. I'm wearing my clothes from Israel; Long, dark, jeans, and a gray, v-neck, sweater. Everyone looks at me. I hear them talking- “Who is that?” “Is that the new kid?” “Where's she from?” “What's her name?” “She's pretty...” “She's ugly...” I sigh, as one of the particularly nasty girls says I'm an ugly Jew. I'm not even Jewish! Suddenly, I feel this blanket of anger surrounding me, smothering me, and I snap. I charge over to her, and stick my finger in her face, my voice getting its thick Israeli accent.

“I am not Jewish, I am not ugly, and you are just jealous because your boyfriend has been checking out my butt ever since I got here. I have not done anything to you, so back off. Your a pathetic????!” My words come out angrily, and I know it's wrong of me to call her what I did, but I won't take it back. She doesn't even know what it means, and she stares at me, dumbfounded. I look at her once more, before I turn away from her, heading to my next class.

I arrive at my English class, and the teacher says I may need to go to the Special Education class, since I'm from a different country. I refuse her, saying I can keep up, and no surprise, my grade at the end of class is the highest. The day has been going well.

The author's comments:
Part of a story I have written. It was inspired by a book I read called "Light Years." I am writing through the eyes of a girl who had to move to America, because Mosad(In Israel) is after her father. She moves with her three sisters, and they must adapt to being on their own. I think this story could be a very deep story.

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