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Dear Diary: Entry Two

March 21, 2010
By Allessandrea-Rukia SILVER, Hoppers Crossing, Other
Allessandrea-Rukia SILVER, Hoppers Crossing, Other
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Entry Two
Dear Diary,
OMG!! I was woken this morning by Teddy smashing a couple of plates. Apparently Tom thought it would be fun to turn off Teddy’s favourite TV show and make him angry. If it weren’t for mum insisting that no one else can clean properly then Tom would be on his hands and knees right now. Instead, he has to buy mum a new set of equally exquisite plates. At least they weren’t her favourite ones. They’re matching pastel green with yellow floral decoration and blue and pink in the same design. Mum hasn’t lost her cool in years, but even touching them would piss her off. If they were smashed… WOAH!
Oh and Kate ended up calling last night! It was so good to hear from her. It’s been ages since I got new from the outside world. She was in a good mood for once, which is good! She went into talkative mode, telling me all about her wonderful holiday in New Zealand. Oh, how I wish I had a normal family like her. Its funny see, cos’ her parents and brother are like stereo-typical normal people – a bit like me actually – but then she’s this crazy chick. One minute she’s your best friend, the next you’re running for the hills. Yeah, everyone has mood swings once in a while, but hers are so often it’s not funny. To be honest, it kind of scares me sometimes. She’s not like one of those spoiled brats who fake tears or scream real loud to get what they want, it’s just that she’s a little… how do I put this… overemotional? Maybe she and I were swapped at birth because she would fit right in with my wacky household. The thing is though, everyone likes her! From the really cool people who no one really likes but reveres in a stupid teenage way to the über dorky kids who only have friends cos’ there’s multiple nerds in the school. In fact, I think out of the whole human race, about 45% of them are nerds and at least 10% have the potential or will grow up to be one.
But anyway, I’m not one of those dorky kids and I’m especially not one of the cool kids. No one really likes me. Except for Kate of course. She could hang out with anyone she wants to, she’s like the most popular person at school, but she chose me! She and I are like complete opposites, yet we’re still the inseparable twin-like, know-more-about-the-other-than-they-do besties that you find at every school. We met in prep, on the first day. I remember it clearly. She was sitting at a table with blocks surrounded by jabbering kids, all stacking the blocks until they collapsed whilst I sat over in the book corner reading picture books that the teacher had brought to read to us at the end of the day. Kate saw me by myself and abandoned the table of blocks. She made her way over to me and smiled. I looked up, surprised by her presence and muttered “Hello.”
“Hi. My name is Kate. What’s yours?” She asked politely.
“I-I’m Lia.” I stuttered.
“Pleased to meet you. Why are you sitting all by yourself?”
“I prefer books to people.” I admitted.
“Oh. Well maybe they’re different?” she nodded towards the kids playing with blocks.
“I’m okay by myself.” The bell signaled recess so I put my book away and stood up.
“Do you want to play with us? At least for today?” She offered. Hoping the others were as nice as Kate was, we left side-by-side. The other kids accepted me but as the year progressed, Kate and I sorta split from everyone else. And now here we are! The start of year nine draws closer with every day yet although everyone I know has made a new group of ‘BFFL’s’ every year, Kate and I have stuck together like glue.
Anyway, in New Zealand she got to go zorbing! Oh how I wish I could have gone. It’s one of the must-do-before-I-die things for me. I’m so jealous. We at least she didn’t rub it in… deliberately. When she deliberately rubs it in I get distressed and start to believe that she’s going to ditch me and add the final touch to making me become a loner. Yes. I’m very insecure. My main problem this year is that Kate and I have electives. For every year so far we’ve been in the same classes all day. This year though, we have different electives due to such opposite personalities. So most of the time we’re going to be separated. I don’t want to sound clingy or desperate or anything but what happens if she meets someone who is better than me and ditches me? Oh no! I’ll just have to perfect myself this year.
Oh gee, again the time has flown. I think I’ll see if I can go to Kate’s later this week but otherwise, ttyl.

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This is the second Entry to the book "Dear Diary". I've submitted the first entry also so please read that first :)

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