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Golden Speck

April 9, 2010
By PuzzleLuver SILVER, Powell, Ohio
PuzzleLuver SILVER, Powell, Ohio
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Everything rattled to a blur. My body quaked and I was on the ground in an instant. Nothing could have withstood the blunt force of the explosion we were in the middle of. We!!! Justin where was Justin? I hadn’t heard him scream loudly at the sound of the blast, like I had. Nor, had I seen him fall to the ground. Where was he? I needed my older brother.

I lifted my hand slowly to my face. I brushed lightly with my fingers over my lips to my nose, then forehead, and over my right cheek. Pain seared as I touched it. I pulled away my hand which now had blood. I scan my body quickly to see the other issues. I slowly push up to my feet. I turn to my left and there Justin was bloody and hunched over.

My mighty brother was slumped at my feet non-moving. I hold back a scream of fright and squat down to get a closer look.

“Justin?” I whispered.

No answer.

“Justin!” I shook him to try and wake him up.
Then I noticed no pulse from his heart, no breath escaped his lips, Justin was dead. I crumbled into his lifeless arms and cry.
A creak springs me awake. The guy who did this was still here. The man who had killed my brother was nearby. I wanted to scream and hide at the same time. But, there I laid, frozen in horror. A man, the man who did it, stood at the end of the alleyway. He looked normal, but I needed something to remember him by, something that only he had. As I was about to give up he turned his face towards me, probably to make sure no one saw him, but it was his mistake, and in his right eye I see a golden speck. He looks around and around until he is sure there are no witnesses, I hold my breath. He finally turns and hurries away.
I slowly lift my body off of Justin’s. I look at him.
“Justin, this is your sister Bobbie,” I say, “I’m gonna make this right.”

The author's comments:
I am making this into a full length story if you want me to write more please comment.

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