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lost. prolouge

April 10, 2010
By LiveLife2theMax GOLD, Wicklow, Other
LiveLife2theMax GOLD, Wicklow, Other
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-Kurt Cobain

The cold, red familiar eyes stared at me in disgust. I knew what was coming. I could already taste the blood that was oozing from my bitten tongue even though the pain hadn’t been inflicted yet. I was lying on the floor. I was cold and I was miserable. But most of all I was surprised. I had done everything right. Nothing had been done wrong, well, by me anyway. I tried to find somewhere in my mind that had a closet full of good memories. I needed somewhere in my mind to hide. But, there was nothing. I could only think about what was coming.
I edged my crumpled body back towards the wall. I tried to hoist my self up by holding on to the wall. Suddenly, a heavy fist crushed into my stomach. I heard the crack. I was pretty sure she had too. She laughed. She pushed the other fist into my stomach again. Intense pain washed over me. I had the urge to scream, to run, to fight back. But I knew each option was impossible, and each option would make her more angry and more violent. So I blanked it out. I focused only on the after of my pain. I remembered the soothing numbness of when I had blacked out the last time. It seemed a long time until it would come, so I prayed.
The final hit was a crunch on my jaw. She definitely heard it as she laughed out loud again. I hadn’t had the luck to pass out during the attack, but it was coming. I could feel the numbness wash over me, edging me closer to rest.
I was lying there for what seemed like hours, still painfully awake. She had left and run upstairs.
Finally, the blackness washed over me, but not before I heard the lugging of suitcases and plastic bags down the stairs. And I knew it was safe to rest. I just hoped my mother wouldn’t be back anytime soon as I heard her click the front door behind her.

The author's comments:
Ehm, well I started writing a book, kinda. and this is the prolouge to it.
Its basically about abuse and the effect ot has not only on the victim but the family. but thats not in this little piece. More of the story (guarded safely on my laptop[=) is about romance and frienship and new beginnings. Anyway, I hope yous like it.

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