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To This Day

May 7, 2010
By KaciC. SILVER, Strasburg, Ohio
KaciC. SILVER, Strasburg, Ohio
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The bright sunlight glared off of the pavement as she stepped out into the parking lot. She lifted her hand and shielded her eyes from the harsh light. She coughed and let out a puff of smoke. Jay followed her out of the creaky wooden door and chucked a glass bottle at a parked car in the lot. It hit the hood and shattered. Jess tried to turn quickly on her heels, but wobbled around and stumbled.

“ Stop it, you’re going to get us caught,” she whispered.

“ Ahh who gives a crap. I don’t, let them take me away it would be better than living in the that horrible place my dad calls home,” he replied with a loud belch at the end. Jess stumbled over to the only parked car in the lot, with the broken glass bottle on the hood. She brushed her hand over the hood, and knocked the glass to the ground. A large splintered piece of glass sliced her finger, all the way up her hand.

“Ouch,” she cried and instantly shoved her finger into her mouth. The rusty taste of the blood filled her mouth as she sucked on her injured finger. She pulled it out of her mouth and spat the blood onto the bubbly asphalt. Jay jogged over to her and ripped his shirt off. His bare chest was now exposed and Jess couldn’t help but look at his slim stomach. She hadn’t noticed until then how buff Jay really was. She could tell that he had been working out lately. She wondered to herself if he was trying to impress a girl. Jess hoped deep down in her heart if that were the case that she was the girl he was trying to impress.

“ Hey are you alright?” Jay was looking deep into her eyes. This brought Jess out of her utopia and back to reality.

“ Yeah, I’m fine,” she whispered. Jay flexed his muscles as he ripped a piece of his shirt off. He gently rapped the piece of cloth around her bright rusty red colored finger.

“Is that better?” he smiled lightly. All that Jess could do was shake her head yes. Her long black ponytail of hair bobbed up and down. Her hair was falling out of the bright pink scrunchie, and was hanging here and there around her face. She looked down at her clothes and realized that she was now self-conscious of how she looked around Jay. Her old tattered hoodie and jean shorts wasn’t how she wanted to look around him. She lifted her head towards the bright sky and breathed in. Her eye make-up had been smeared around her face. She then turned her whole face and gazed up at Jay. She swung her arms up and placed them around his neck. He awkwardly moved his hands and placed them around her thin waist. She ascended up onto her tip toes and kissed Jay. He kissed her back and their hearts fluttered together.

The next minute sirens blared in Jess’ pounding head. She glared in the direction of the flashing lights and sirens. A police car came into view and she moaned. She kissed him hard one last time, not knowing that it would be the last time that she would see Jay alive. A guy in baggy jeans and a sweatshirt appeared from around the other side of the building, the police hot on his tail. He ran up to them and demanded that they hand over all of their money. When Jay refused, the man shot him in the stomach. He fell to the ground and Jess dropped beside him. The guy took off down a back alley. She tore her sweatshirt off and pressed it against his hard chest. She kissed his cheek and began to sob. Her whole body rocked. She had grown up with Jay, they had known each other forever. He wept with her and kissed her hand that caressed his face. The police car pulled into the lot in a rush and pulled up to them.

“ Help! Please! He has been shot!” She screamed. The police called in an ambulance, and before she knew it they had arrived. Two men in perfect white uniforms jumped out of the back and rushed over with a stretcher. It was too late they were wasting their time. He was gone before they made it to the hospital. She cried herself to sleep at night and waited for the police to get the guy who had done this to Jay. They never found him and Jess promised herself that she would find him and give him what he deserves. She is still looking for him to this day.

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