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The Plunge

July 10, 2010
By Chelsea.Anne GOLD, D, Other
Chelsea.Anne GOLD, D, Other
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There's a darkness that she clings to, standing on the edge of the cliff, staring out over intense, rising and crashing waters. Now, overwhelmed, she doubts her ability. She wasn't ready. Her heart pounds like a hammer against her ribs, her breath rasping in and out, the cold air stinging her throat, her lungs going numb. She curls her toes under, stepping away from the edge, coiling back inside of herself, huddling into her protective shell. Above her clouds flash light and crash with thunder, below the rapids rage angrily, ready to swallow her. The wind urges her forward, pushing her, whispering, Go. Jump. But she shakes her head to it, yelling back, No. I'm not ready. 
She huddles into a ball, hugging her knees to her chest and fighting against the raging, forceful wind, crying out-desperately trying to find herself while clinging to all she has left. The wind is relentless as it blasts against her, forcing her to her feet. She wants to turn back, but all she can do is push against the wind, struggling to keep her feet on the ground. 
And then, the wind stops. She stands on steady ground, just inches from the edge. Her heart slows, her breath easier to catch. The wind caresses her, hugging her into a warm embrace. The black clouds begin to clear, blue shining through the cracks. The water below goes still, reflecting the crevices of blue. The sun burst through, bathing her in an eerie glow. And she sees. She isn't the only one, all around her, circling the edge, others standing waiting to be ready for their moment to jump. 
She closes her eyes, warm and comfortable, finally willing to test the waters...
    And she takes the plunge. 
       Into warm, soft water.
                Into life. 

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