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Winter tea

August 20, 2010
By Lyrics SILVER, Nelson, Other
Lyrics SILVER, Nelson, Other
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You know your in love when you cant fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams ~ Dr.Suess

Summers like a story, it has a beginning, a middle, and a end. I love story's, love what they stand for. I love summer to, but, when you become, so close to death, you no longer have a fairy tale. Welcome to the land of horror stories.

The Beginning
We sit on the railroad tracks, it's a perfect summer day. The sun beating down on us, I am the Lyric to my Melody of the breeze.
"HAHA!" Melody shouts, Breeze just lost her record of running down the railroad tracks without missing one.
"Whatever!" Breeze responds cooly, sticking her tongue out as the ultimate comeback.
"Lets go back to your house now Lyry." (Lyric has never been enough for Breeze.
"I feel like i could eat a whole horse, a cow, and maybe even a pig to!" Classic Breeze. I nod in agreement, standing up and walking with my friends in the opposite direction we came.
Boys, friends, a new school year, stars, zodiac signs, the moon and the sun. Topics rain out of our lips as we sit crossed legged on my bed, as if we will never speak again. Opinions, theory's and many more, come up between us. Finally we give into the night. Letting our dreams absorb our minds. Leaving reality, or, did i just leave my dream and come into reality? A topic we never brought up.
I am the first to wake up, i usually am. Breeze is up no longer than two minutes after me, Melody has to be woken up, she was never a early riser. Later on, around 11:00 a.m. we are walking barefoot downtown Nelson enjoying the summer while it's here.
"Well....." I hum,
"We have to do something!"
We hear a buzzing sound and in sync all look over to see a city bus driving our way.

The Middle
"Jupy?" Melody asks.
"Havn't played that in awhile..."
After showing the bus driver our bus passes that (to me) look lie mini debit cards, we take a seat in the very back of the bus.
"Were sorta strange, I mean, how did we come up with the name Jupy, for a summer game that requires you to see how many buses you can ride in one day?"
"Who knows," Is my only response which comes from Breeze and Melody at the same time. We are on the North Shore bus, we will probably have to stay out there for two or three hours before the next bus. I think about the trees out side of my window, do they breathe? When I was little i could of sworn i heard one breathing....
"Lyric!" someone shouts in my ear.
"Huh..what,wwhats going on?"
"Ohmygawd, your like a sleeping machine or something!" Says Melody, her words a blur of letters, she was always such a fast talker. I realize it is time to get of the bus, we all step of the last stair with a little shudder, then we slip on our cardigans. We are here.

The End
The North Shore winds give me a little bit of a shock, wake me up more. We begin to walk towards the first beach we see. My heart gives a little flutter at the sound of the waves. The water looks like winter tea, so warm compared to the harsh winds above it. We see a light house. Melody has already stripped down to her bathing suit and is swimming full speed towards it. Breeze and I are running after her now, our laughs are the music of the day. I dip my head under the water and swim my way to the lighthouse. I am the first to get to the top, then Breeze followed by Melody.
1,2,3 jump.
I go, Melody goes, Breeze goes.
Oh no.
Big mistake.
I hit the water with a smack. A smooth smack. A bullet shooting through the flesh. I cant feel my legs, cant feel my arms, cant feel anything.
Now i can feel something, in my head. I must have hit it. It throbs, and i am sinking. I can hear my friends screams, they are searching for me.
To bad, I had to die, like this.

A Final Thought.
The after life? Amazing. Beautiful.Painless.I am in peace at last.Heaven? Nah....Maybe.Unlikely, but still, could be.

The author's comments:
This was a piece for school, the teachers really liked it but i like lots of opinions, also it shows that you should make the most of every day, because life is a gift and you should cherish every moment of it.

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