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Dog, Man's Best Friend

October 2, 2010
By secrets2share BRONZE, Rochelle, Illinois
secrets2share BRONZE, Rochelle, Illinois
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I remember the day Dog died. It felt like just yesterday still, with that heavy heartache of my best freind's passing, I know many years have past. It was a crisp, cold October day the leaves were just begining to show the slightest hint of yellow. My wife, Karen, had gone off with friends, they were all probably gossiping about how awful their husband's moonwalking skills were and other things that made them 'oh-so embarassed'. Anyway besides young women gossip and Michael Jackson that was the day I took Dog, my loyal retriever, fishing with me.

Dog was getting older near ten years now, his golden fur had turned silver in some places, but he still had the heart of the energetic and fluffy puppy I had gotten when I was only twelve. I was setting my pole with Dog resting at my feet in the old, red boat that belonged to my father. Like every other time I had taken Dog with me fishing, while I would get us a jump start by pushing off on the shore, Dog stood on the seat that was in the bow of the boat looking like he controled the lake and all its surrondings.

It was late afternoon and the autumn sun was shifted to the west. The sun glimering off the water and forest green surronding the lake made the most serene feeling for a Wisconsin-raised boy and his dog. As we reached Mt. Stumps (the best place to catch bass this time of year) I started to cast between the shore line and the trees. After a half hour or so I decided to try a new bait, a fisherman can only be so patcient. So I opened up my tackle box and switched off baits quickly so I wouldn't miss the fish I had been waiting for.

I casted closer to the trees then I would of liked but still it was good i thought. I tried reeling in, but i couldn't then I realized I got it snagged in the tree--bad. Dog was laying on the other seat not really noticing my troubles. After minutes of trying to loosen the snag it only got worse.
"D***." I mumbled under my breath.

I decided to give it one last tug. And I tugged alittle too much. I pulled back so much when the tree won it knocked me off balanced. I managed to trip over the opened tackle box and make a splah into the water. I guess it would of been better if we weren't at Mt. Stumps, being surronded my logs jutting out of the water. And If I hadn't knocked my self unconcious it would of helped alot actually.

I was drowning I knew that much even with little conciousness. I also knew that Dog was close to me, I heard him barking and the splash of his entrance into the water. I could feel my lungs filling with water and my head was spinning like crazy. And that's all i remember until I awoke on shore with evening drawing near.

I coughed like crazy and threw up twice. I could feel a warm, bead of blood slid down my forehead to my right cheek. I probably had a concussion and some scraps, but no serious harm thanks to my boy Dog---------. Dog where the h*** was Dog was all that ran through my mind.
"DOG!!!!!" I managed to coarsely yell.

Dog looked up dazed from behind a tree. He ran to me and licked me thankful that I was okay. As I pet him, I felt something warm on his soaking wet fur. I looked at my hand and it was covered in a deep red, I looked at the cut at I realized that he bled so much he wasn't even bleeding anymore, the blood was just covering his fur. He must of got scraped on one of the stumps.

I tried calling for help, but it was useless I could barely breathe how could I yell. Then Dog started to bark, hoping someone could hear. He barked for a long time.
"Dog stop," I finally could say, "you'll hurt yourself even more."

But that didn't stop him. He continued until I heard a voice in the distance.
"Dan! Dan! Where are you?," Karen she heard Dog, "Dan! Dan!"

When Karen finally came into view, Dog stopped barking, he collapsed and whimpered. He looked at me for a long moment then his eyes closed.

My best friend had saved my life and now he was gone. My tears came fast and plentiful as I held my best friend's limp body in my arms. It is true Dog is man's bestfriend.

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