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Ramblings of a Writer

November 12, 2010
By TheStoryWeaver GOLD, Sofia, Other
TheStoryWeaver GOLD, Sofia, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"The Aenied is an Odyssey of epic proportions." - Caleb
"Eve was deceived and ate the fruit, Adam ate it out of stupidity." - Mr. M
"Begone ye map of woe!"
"I'm the map..." - Lydia and Caleb.

I can’t think right now. I am so obsessed with writing.

If you are reading this… LOOK AWAY! Why are you standing over my shoulder?? JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.

(Crazy writer in the house!)

I feel like double spacing.

I think I am about to go insane inside. Contrary to my outside appearance. You know, this pretty much sums up how I feel inside.
Lalalalaa!!! My inner iPod is on shuffle…
I feel like singing now. Double spacing is so five lines ago.
Okay, I’m back from my singing break. I sang on the inside. :)
Speak now! Taylor Swift <3
Jajajajaja I’m laughing in….. Any language really.
Can I be anymore insane? No, I’m a writer.
You belong with me! Taylor Swift again. I better stop going off on random Taylor Swift songs. It could be annoying. Of course, the only people it could annoy are the charries in my head and YOU LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER RIGHT NOW!

Yes, you. Go away. This is private stuff.

Okay, not really. It is private but nothing I’d really GO ALL OUT if someone accidentally read. That’s why I keep my journal in my head.
Sh! No one shall know my secrets! Unless the crazy lunatic WHO IS ABOUT TO DIE in my head doesn’t tell. He’s kinda mad about dying. Sorry, Rowan. Ally gets the girl. Deal with it. You kill your grandmother. Deal with it. You kill yourself. DEAL. WITH. IT.! That’s the way I wrote you and that’s the way you shall stay.

I’m crazy aren’t I? I mean, I’m arguing in my head with a made up charrie who has a mind of his own. Of course, it would not be a good thing to anger him. He could potentially destroy me! Really, he’s not arguing with words. His face is all that he needs. Stop the pouting, Rowie.
Yes I will call you Rowie.
Wipe that surprised and resentful expression off your face.
I don’t need the sad-puppy-dog-eyes-that-actually-belong-to-a-ruthless-killer look right now.
You killed Ally’s parents!
And your grandmother!
No, I won’t stop bringing that up, it’s a major plot point. I haven’t figured out your back story yet, so I can’t say if you are a good character yet.

Because. That’s what I have on my internal ipod right now.
THAT is why Taylor Swift lyrics are in my paper thingy.
I’m a writer. Deal with it. Yeah, you over my shoulder. You and Rowan can have a deal with Lexi party later.
Great. I stopped writing and totally lost my train of thought. This should be interesting…

The author's comments:
This was something random that I wrote when I couldn't write one day. This is what goes on in my mind.

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