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The Ride

November 26, 2010
By LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
LittlePink SILVER, Alexandria, Indiana
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The sun was half down, but it was still bright out. I waited helmet in hand, I let it rock on the tips of my fingers as I waited. He was here, even before I could see him. And from the distance I heard the rev of the engine as he came. He pulled up, and I got on, feeling so nervous. My first ride, was going to be some kind of magic, I could feel it. He pulled across the pavement till we were on the country roads. We lurched around a corner, and come onto a road longer than I could read with my eyes. He pulled the handle of the bike, and the wheels screamed as we burst forward. The wind that came past us pulled against my body. I felt so powerless, but a lot happier than I had been in a long while. He wielded the engine to run faster, 70, 80 miles an hour. It felt like being inside a tornado. I held on so tight that my fingers ached. I stiffened my body, so I wouldn’t get thrown as the bike changed gears. He turned a corner and the bikes corner came maybe a foot from the ground. And at that moment, I could feel the heat breathing up from the asphalt. We rode through the woods, past houses and barns, the country seemed so eccentric. Birds flew from corn stalk perches, at the sound of the engine. I could smell the exhaust, and it filled my senses. I looked at the ground, every inch racing past us, like we were flying. We Got farther, and farther away from where we had to go back to. I never wanted this feeling to stop, it was plain as that. When we would slow, I would whisper faster. I embraced the feeling, the sights, the smells; I would want to hold this forever. Of course until my next blood boiling, heart raging, invigorating ride. But the thing you always have to remember is that bikes aren’t too safe. And as we turned that final corner, that lead down the street to my house. A car come from nowhere, and hit us right in the side. Throwing us off, I couldn’t feel my left leg. My head was cut, and blood poured down around my eyes. He lay maybe a yard from me, holding his bloody side. But something really caught my attention, how was it that I could see everything going on. I wasn’t in my own body; I was like air beside the scene. Then, I felt this pull in my whole body, and I saw out of my own eyes again. He grabbed my hand, and whispered three words, I love you. Then I think we both just sat, unable to move until the ambulance came to save up. I just remember think that something so beautiful turned into something so ugly. And I might not have a chance for a second ride, but I wouldn’t have changed the fact that I had already had my first.

The author's comments:
This was my first piece of writing my sixth grade year... after i took a ride on a motorcycle with a friend. It didn't end this way though.

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