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Her World Became My World 2

November 23, 2010
By Monica@Roman SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
Monica@Roman SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
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"This too shall pass"

I'm sitting in my car starring at the rain falling in mini water falls on my widshield, thinking of her. I wish I could see her at least one last time. I would've liked to tell her that I loved her very much and that she was the best little sister a girl could ask for. But thats never going to happen. I will never see her again, only in my memories. I jump when I here a knocking on the passenger's side window.

I'ts Manny. We stare at each other for what seemed like hours to me. I come back to reality when he says "Well, I quess I can talk to you out here but I think I'll end up getting anemonia don't ya think?" I don't laugh because my face feels like its about to fall off, its so heavy. I unlock the door and he sits next to me. When he shuts the door he says "I'm not going to say 'I'm sorry' because I know that will just p*** you off.." He's right I hate when people say that, when it's never thier fault to begin with, not in this case anyway. "I know what happened, your mother called me on my cell and told my everything..then a few moments later I hear your voice in the intercomb." He's looking at me, intently. I could tell in the courner of my eye. I'm still staring into the dark rainy mourning. I can't stand to look at him beacause I know I look a mess and I know I'll end up bawling my eyes out. He keeps talking about something but I don't listen. I hear what he's saying but my mind doesn't want to send that information to my brain at all. So I just nod over and over again.

"..I heared you visited Miss Saboll, the giudance councelor, today-" He stops and touches my shoulder. I was so out of it I fliched alittle. "It's ok I'm just trying to-" he sighs. I do the same.

We sit there completly silent for exactly 45 minutes. I counted the secounds because thats all I can think of doing right now. Then Manny tries again "Please Maria say something..you're scaring me." Thats a shocker Manny is never scared. I open my mouth and think of words to say and I arrange them in my mind until they amke sense enough to say out loud. I come up with "What is there to say?" my voice is cracking and sounds like I just swallowed a orange juice and chocked on it. My throut stung when I spoke.

One tear fell from my lid. I was waiting for it to drop to my thigh but i never felt it. I looked down and saw his hand ontop of my hand holding it tightly. The tear dropped on his hand.

Looking back, I realized something... Manny been with me ever sinse we were kids, he was always defending me, I always had his back. We went to Italy together for our senior trip, we applied to the same colleges, we vowed that if we ever got married and moved away somwhere, we were always going to be in contact no matter what. I know why he's here right now with me instead of being in his college orientation and shaking hands with the admission officers..Manny loves me.

I was just too distrught about Maya that I couldn't see it.

"We should go inside huh?" We're heading to my house when a flash back comes to me. Maya is sitting in a bench ,reading her favorite book, HuckleberryFinn. I run to sit next to her and take a picture of us with my new digital camera. I have it as my screen savor on my laptop.

I don't remember what happened next but I woke up on my wet floor. I must've fainted. I hear Manny's frantic voice yelling my name in Spanish. My mom must've been watching Manny and I from the window because she was automatically on my side crying.

Then Manny's arms lift me up and he's carrying me to the couch. My mom is right bhind us. "I'll call nine-one-one" I shot my eyes wide open and said "No you're not, mom." I sit up ad manny has a strong grip on my arm.

I breath in and out to a moment and I tell them why I went to school. And they both agreed that I being a interpretor of sign language would be good for me. My mom was looking at me wiht her watery eyes. "I'm happy you finally chose a future for yourself hon'"

My mother was always a little uneasy about me choosing a college or a career,because I'm always getting into a mess load of trouble. But I could see the relief in her eyes. I also saw some grief. I looked at Manny who was smiling by now. "Me too mom, me too"

The author's comments:
i'm not finshed with it yet. i still have to figure out some things but i like where its heading. there will defintely be a third part.

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