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brotherhood part 2

November 26, 2010
By mandaloreP GOLD, Forked River, New Jersey
mandaloreP GOLD, Forked River, New Jersey
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It has been 9 months 4 days and 14 hours since my brother’s death. I haven’t given up hope on finding the truth and I don’t intend to. They are after me now. I have done nothing wrong. It was only a few weeks ago when they came knocking on my door looking for me. I’ve had to move from place to place in hiding for in fear they will find me and my fate will be the same as my brothers. I can’t let that happen. I won’t let that happen.

A bang on the door “Open up this is the F.B.I there is a warrant for your arrest if you do not open the door and come out calmly we will have to use force. You have until the count of 10 to surrender!”

I threw my journal into my bag and grabbed the .22 revolver on the table and hurried for the fire escape. This has what my life has become the past four weeks. Nothing, but running and running searching high and low for the truth. I still haven’t found it.

The door slammed open just as I made my way up the fire escape ladder to the roof where I began to run. Hoping across rooftops that were close enough apart so I could make my escape. They followed. There was no losing them no matter where I wound up they always found me. They already had Katie. They took her about two weeks ago when I stopped by to see her to pick up some necessities.

Bullets flew over my head. I must have had some sort of luck on my side in order to make it this far and believe me I had no intentions of stopping, but fate had other plans for me and one way or another I could not escape fate. A bullet pierced my arm. The blood shot out soaking my white t-shirt with dark red spots everywhere. I fell to the ground. Fell from what seemed to me like 20 feet up. I hit the ground and it all went blurry, but I could tell I was surrounded.
I couldn’t let them take me. I reached into my bag and pulled out the revolver, cocked it back and aimed. I wasn’t aiming at them I was aiming a me. With the gun pointed toward my head just before I could pull the trigger, a loud bang broke the sound and made everything silent. My gun fell to the floor and blood flowed out of my hand like a river. After that the rest is blank.
For what seemed like a minute was in reality a week. I awoke gasping for air and coughing. I lay in a hospital bed. My entire left arm and hand were bandaged up. I had minimal movement in my arm. I could feel several bruises all over my body that ached.
The nurse walked in and didn’t seem to care she just checked the machines and just as she was about to leave I got the power to mumble a few words.
“Where am I” I said weakly.
“You’re in a government criminal hospital. And you”
“I don’t belong here I haven’t done anything wrong.”
“Yea well that’s what they all say.” With that she left so quickly I barley had time to even think of what to say.
It wasn’t to long before a man in a suit walked in. He had two guards with him, but they waited outside the room. He closed the door locked it as well and shut the blinds.
“Well your looking better, how are you feeling?” I could sense a strange tone in his voice. Almost as if he was plotting something behind his evil grin that shown from ear to ear.
“Why am I here? I have done nothing wrong please will you just let me go?”
“I’m sorry kid I’m afraid we can’t do that. You have something we want. We thought your brother had it, but if you just play it nice and simple you won’t end up like him. Got it?”
My eyes lit up in shock as the words came from his mouth.” what do you know of my brother? Are you the one that did that to him?! If you are you’re going to be very sorry. I am going to….”
“Yes great story kid. Let’s not talk about the past huh? Forget about it it’s over with. Just do as we ask and give us what we need and you’ll be free to go.”
My eyes grew red with anger. So much anger the pain didn’t hurt anymore. I felt nothing in the world, but rage. The kind of rage that exploded like gasoline. The kind that makes you loses control. The kind that gets into your brain and plays mind games. The scariest kind. I said nothing to him just sat there half about to scream and half about to burst into tears from rage.
“Look your only going to make things harder on yourself. I just have a few simple questions you’ll need to answer then you’ll be on your way.”

The author's comments:
won't make much sense without the first part, but part two of brotherhood.

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Teachr said...
on Dec. 3 2010 at 10:21 am
Love the storyline...check your spelling and grammar though  :-)

Momito said...
on Dec. 3 2010 at 7:51 am
this story is movong right along ...i can't wait to read the next part