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Diary of A Fairytale Princess Entry 1

December 23, 2010
By MiiSs_AlySsA SILVER, Fall River, Massachusetts
MiiSs_AlySsA SILVER, Fall River, Massachusetts
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Dear Diary,

Dec. 25, 2010

Well today is Christmas day. And let me tell you it was one of the worst Christmas's I have ever had! The first two gifts I opened were this purple journal and a pack of colored gel pens. My mom had the bright idea to have me start a diary. She wants me to put down all of my thoughts into this book. Well what I'm thinking isn't too pretty. If anyone ever read this they're mouths would drop. So just in case this ever does become public, I'm just gunna keep it PG-13 HaHa. Another sucky thing is that at my school (I go to a Catholic private school) we can't use colored pens; only black and blue pens are suitable. So, in order for this amazing gift not to go to waste, I will be forced to use them in this diary. I think this is so stupid! I don't like to write. I'd rather hear my beautiful voice instead, telling the epic stories of my life. My life is too interesting to keep to myself. I mean, I am a Princess after all. I even have it tattoed on me, right on my shoulder blade. I put it there because my daddy didn't want me to mark up my beautiful body and my long blonde hair covers it up. Oh, I should write down what else I got today. Well the rest wasn't that bad, I got 10 different outfits specially designed by Kimora Lee Simons but I didn't get the 3 high heels designed by her because I guess she "doesn't do shoes" ! Well obviously that's why I wanted her to design them and not some other famous shoedesigner, that just defeats the purpose! So instead my thoughtful parents got me a dozen pairs of Ed Hardy sneakers. I don't wear sneakers unless I'm at the gym. So this was a just a waste of money. I mean, they're not even that cute! Oh well, no use crying over spilled calamari I guess, Haha. And then what enraged me the most is that they got me a car! Not just any car but a brand new 2011 Mustang Convertible, painted cherry red with pure white leather seats. How dare they! I asked specifically for a Mercedes not a Mustang. Ughh I feel so insulted just thinking about having to drive that piece of shitcraptrash filth! Well I guess I'll be back later, I have a date with this new kid who just moved from Russia. His accent is to die for plus I heard that his parents were pretty much Royalty back home. Hehe Chao! <3

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