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The Moon

December 27, 2010
By thelivingmanpt2 BRONZE, El Monte, California
thelivingmanpt2 BRONZE, El Monte, California
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I go outside for a cigarette. I realize that I’ve become the habitual smoker; the kind you see pacing back and fourth taking drags every interval late at night, contemplating. I stand there and stare at the moons mightiness’(it’s a crescent moon tonight), letting it’s gravitational force rock the chemicals in my head as it sings it’s nightly lullaby. The voice singing softly in falsetto. The lullaby puts me into a trance, I get tired, and it seems its time to parten ways.

I find myself laying dormant that night. Covered underneath the bed sheets along with my pillow above my head. I leave an open crease between the bed sheet and pillow to peek out of, since their could be monsters lurking out from my closet. I lay in bed turning back and fourth trying to find a suitable position, since the paranoia of monsters and boogiemen keep me awake and alert. I peek out once again from the crease (which my nose constantly sticks out from allowing me to breath easier) and although I cannot hear the moons lullaby I notice it’s light. The light is piercing the window above me, I can see loose lint like debris floating freely through the air and pass through the light as I keep turning hoping to find the right position. The light causing distorted shadows to appear, only adding more to my fear. A black silhouette which appears to be floating, passes through my window, a drone is heard whilst it passes. I doze off, and find myself waking up in the morning remembering pigments of a dream. It sucks, the dream. Since I find myself waking up in a nightmare.

The author's comments:
there are a lot more mistakes in this short story ahaha

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