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Camp Chapel Falls

January 9, 2011
By flexiballetgirl GOLD, Windsor, Massachusetts
flexiballetgirl GOLD, Windsor, Massachusetts
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Aubrey couldn’t wait until July 12th. It was the first day of CCF, Camp Chapel Falls. It was a three week camp in Chapel Hills, NY. She had been going there for 6 years now. She was extra excited this year because she was going to be a CIT, counselor in training. Her summer revolved around CCF, she loved every thing about it. The people, the independence, the cabins, even the cold lake.

When July 12th finally rolled around Aubrey couldn’t be more excited. She had been packed for a week and called all her camp friends to arrange their pre-camp lunch. After her first year she and all her friends started a tradition of having a pre-camp lunch at Pauline’s Picnic Place and then going to camp together.

When she got to Pauline’s, Aubrey jumped out of the car and ran up to her friends. She hadn’t seen them since their annual Halloween party. Aubrey was amazed by how different they all looked; Ruthie chopped off 8 inches of her blonde hair, Nicky got glasses, Laurel died her hair dark brown, and Leigh had gotten at least 3 inches taller. Wait, said Aubrey, why are there 6 of us? Who’s the girl in the braids? Oh, Nicky said, she’s a new friend. She’s coming to camp with us. Aubrey was a little upset. Nicky never told her about the new girl. “Oh well, it’ll still be fun” Nicky introduced the new girl, Karen. She was pretty average; brown hair and eyes and 5”4’. “She used to live in NYC”, said Nicky. “I always go to a camp in San Diego but my dad bought a vacation house up here so I HAVE to go to Camp Chapel Hills”
“You mean Camp Chapel Falls”
“Yeah, whatever”
Aubrey had a bad feeling about this.
Ok, well I'm Aubrey, this is Ruthie; she lives in NJ and is my neighbor’s niece, and this is Leigh; she lives in Utah and used to be Ruthie’s neighbor. Ummm…….that’s about it.

Ok, whatever, can we just go and get this over with?

As they waited in line to check in Aubrey asked Ruthie if she knew about Karen.
“No, I had no idea she was coming…….she seems kinda stuck up.”
Yeah, tell me about it.

Aubrey was devastated, none of her friends were in her cabin AND she had to be a CIT with Karen. Ruthie and Nicky were in the cabin across the hall, but it wasn’t the same. Why do I have to be with Karen, thought Aubrey. She took her time bringing her stuff to the cabin; she wanted to avoid Karen for as long as possible. When she did get to the cabin most of the campers were unpacked. The girls were first year campers; seven and eight year olds. Karen was in her corner making up her bed. She had purple sheets and comforter and a silky purple pillow. “Wow” Aubrey said. All of the other girls, like her had sheets and a sleeping bag.

“Ok, girls, my name’s Ali and I’m your counselor. I believe this is Karen, and I Know this is Aubrey and they are going to be your CITs. If you ever need anything just ask one of us. Now let’s head up to the field for field games.”

The author's comments:
This is just a rough draft and I am not done with it yet.

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