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Model Dreams

January 25, 2011
By Wolfventures GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Wolfventures GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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You know when something really great or scary is happening and you keep telling yourself, “This is all a dream it’ll all go away in the morning.” but it’s actually happening for real?
Well something like that happened to me. It went on for years.

It probably started on my sixteenth birthday. That’s the thing that made it more than a normal sweet sixteen that thing was I became a model. I just quit today and I’m only thirty-nine. I think the thing that me quit was my great grandmother’s caretaker passed away. Okay I ‘m getting ahead of myself here; let me tell you everything from the beginning.

I was sitting on my bed with my friends Ashley, Ally, Rose, and of course my handsome boyfriend, Adam, and some of his friends talking about pretty downright random stuff. I mean one minute we’re talking about our parents then the next minute we’re talking about how the Fourth of July fair went last year. You know I get really annoyed with Kyle’s friends sometimes. Like this one time Jimmy--- sorry, I’m getting off track again, it tends to happen a lot, but before I go on I want you to make the fact clear that sometimes Kyle’s friends can get so annoying I wish I could I could step on their heads and kill them like the bugs they are.

Anyways my Aunt Jana called my cell phone. It scared me when I felt the buzz on my hand because I forgot I put it on vibrate. I answered it, “Hello” I said eagerly.

“Hi, remember that model thing you auditioned for?”

“Yah, did I…” I started to ask but she cut me off.

“ You won, Annabel!” She cried excitedly.

I pulled the phone away fro my face so I wouldn’t kill Aunt Jana’s eardrum when I yelled. A wide smile came across my face, “Here come the excited firer works! Cover your ears so you don’t go deaf.” Kyle said laughing and everyone covered their ears.

“Okay, Annabel scream for joy!” Kyle said still laughing.

“OH! MY! GOD! I’M A MODEL!” I yelled it so loud the glass of my mirror rattled back and forth.

“ Are you done?” Kyle asked still holding his ears shut.

“ Hold on, YAAAAAA! Okay I’m done,” I said

Kyle uncovered his and so did everyone else. I put the phone back to my ear. “So, when do I leave?” I asked.

“ In a week.” Her answer was.

“What! I can’t wait that long!” I cried.

“I know that’s why I bought us both plane tickets as soon as I heard you won for tomorrow so you don’t have wait that long.” Jana said.

“Thanks Aunt Jana you’re the best!” I cried.

For the next few hours my friends, my boy friend, my boy friend’s friends, and me packed. Of course Kyle’s friends kept telling me to bring something I’d already told them was ugly or they tried to sneak it in my suitcase but I caught them every time they did try.

The next day Kyle drove me to the airport. When we got there he helped me find my gate where I met my aunt.

“ So, is this the end of our relationship? I mean you’ll probably forget about me when you get wrapped up in modeling.” Kyle sighed with his sad puppy dogface on

“Oh, stop it, you know I’ll be writing you whenever I have free time, and when I do write I’ll always mention how much I miss you. I’m not gonna turn into one of those stuck up models. I’ll love you no matter how much people say I should act all stuck up just because I’m a model.”

“ Really, well now that’s clear there’s one more problem.”

“Yah, what?” I asked." I could see a smile on his face that he only makes when he’s joking so I played along because he probably wanted to cheer me up because I told him in the car that I didn’t want to leave him.

“ How will I write you back? I mean all I know is that you’re somewhere in Italy.” He said with a worried and confused look on his face.

“Dude! Seriously, the address is the envelope.” I said laughing.

“Oh, duh, I forgot…” the sound system cut him off.

“ All flights to Italy at gate B3 are boarding now.” It said.

“I’m sorry what did you say?” I asked him.

“Make sure to send me the news on how you’re doing send them in the envelopes with the bubbles printed on them with the tuba or potato stamp on them those are the only two I need and my picture of you made from stamps will be finished.”

I didn’t know you were making a picture of me out of stamps.” I said

“It was suppose to be your birthday present but I didn’t have any stamps left sorry.”

“It’s alright you can give it to me when it’s finished I gotta go bye.” I said leaving for the plane.
“I have a surprise for you when we get to Italy” Aunt Jana said as soon as we sat down.

When we got to Italy we took a taxi to Princeton Ave. we got out of the taxi and walked the rest of the way to Aunt Jana’s house.

A little chiwawa greeted us at the door when we came in.

“Annabel, this little guy is part of your surprise.”
“What’s his name?” I asked

“Now that part’s up to you.” Jana said.

I looked at the little dog; his fur was like the yellow color of the lemons on our tree at home and the sun. That’s it! “I’ll call you Sunshine.” I said picking him up under his arms and cradling him like the baby he was. I tickled his tummy with my finger looking down at his cute little puppy face and he reached his head up and licked my nose. Just then a semi driven by an old ugly semi- driver came up the driveway. The man got out and opened the back of the truck in it stood two beautiful horses. The man tied a blue rope to one and led it out of the truck and handed it to me.

“This guy’s name is Elvis,” he said going back for the other one. He tied pink rope to it and led it out the out.
“This young lady’s called Summer.” I looked at both of the horses and Sunshine. I took in a deep breath and let it out.

“I’m pretty sure you’ll like summer.” The driver said getting back into his seat and leaving.

“Are they both for me?” I asked mounting Summer.

“Yes, they’re the last part of your surprise. Just think of this as your birthday present from me.”

“Oh it’s the best present in all my birthdays!! Thank you!!” I said hugging Summer around the neck.

Over the next week I kept my mind off of modeling by going to the library and checking out books about horses and dogs. I discovered dogs have better hearing then humans.

It was finally the day I began modeling.

I was in major panic. Most of my clothes were on my floor than in my closet, but honestly I didn’t care I only cared about what I looked like. I mean I didn’t want to look bad for my first day. I also didn’t want to look like a snotty stuck up person. Jana said the day before I’d look strange if I tried to look better then the professionals.

When we got there everyone stopped what he or she was doing and greeted us. Some asked “Would you like an icy-cold drink Annabel?”

My reply would always be a sweet no thank you. As we walked down the hall I saw a strange golf ball clock on the custodian’s door. We finally got into the room where I was supposed to meet someone. There was a green neon telephone in the center of a round table next to the couch with another table by it with a bowl that had dry ice in it that puffed out like smoke.

“Annabel, how nice to meet you darling. I’m Jamie.” Said a woman walking into the room.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you as well, Jamie.” I said shaking her hand.

“So tell me about yourself, Annabel.”

Well I’m going to stop there or it’d be way too long if I write about all those other years because so much has happened, but remember this if you believe your dreams of the future and yourself they’ll surely make it into realality. See ya later.

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