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Flash Drive

March 24, 2011
By fromtheashes GOLD, ~~~~~, Montana
fromtheashes GOLD, ~~~~~, Montana
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[Scene opens with Hannah standing in an old warehouse by herself. Jack comes in with a messenger bag on his shoulder.]

HANNAH: Did you bring it?
JACK: Why?
HANNAH: Don’t you ever listen to me?
JACK: Of course I do.
HANNAH: So did you bring it? Answer the question, yes or no?
JACK: Yes, I brought it. Calm down.
HANNAH: Good. I didn’t think you’d be able to.
JACK: Why do you always think so lowly upon me? I’m not stupid you know
HANNAH: Yea, yea. Just give it to me. (reaches towards bag Jack has)
JACK: Before I do, tell me you know I’m not stupid. (Puts hand over flap of messenger bag)
HANNAH: Jack! Give it to me!
JACK: Tell me you know I’m not stupid.
HANNAH: (says sort of snotty) you’re not stupid, ok? Now give it to me.
JACK: (reaches into bag) Here, happy? (hands over a flash drive)
HANNAH: (snatches quickly) Do you have the laptop too?
JACK: Yes, I got it. You know, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have any of this. No one to do your dirty work for you. You’d have to do it all yourself, and if it came to that, you wouldn’t be able to do anything, because that’s how lazy you are.
HANNAH: (slaps Jack in the side of the head) Jack, shut up. For your information, I could do all of this myself. I don’t need you.
JACK: Fine, I’m leaving then. (Jack walks away towards the door)
HANNAH: (looks down and bites her lip) Jack wait!
JACK: (turns around to look at Hannah) Yes?
HANNAH: I’m sorry. Come help me.
JACK: (thinks to himself, I knew she couldn’t bear to see me leave. She’s practically nothing without me. Walks back over to Hannah and hand her the laptop.)
HANNAH: Thank you.
JACK: What is this anyway? (picks up the flash drive and turns it around looking at it)
HANNAH: It’s a flash drive, idiot. (snatches away from Jack)
JACK: I’m not that stupid. I know what it is, I meant what’s it for?
HANNAH: Just wait. You’ll find out in a minute. As soon as I can figure out how to turn this stupid thing on.
JACK: (laughs)
HANNAH: What? What’s so funny?
JACK: You have to turn it on. (Pushes the power button. Screen comes on and laptop starts up.) Who’s the idiot now?
HANNAH: (frustrated) Still you.
(Computer finishes starting up.
HANNAH: Finally, it’s started. (Looks on hand at words written. Types in password. Screen comes up to start page. Plugs in flash drive.)
JACK: So what is it?
HANNAH: (Points to flash drive that’s inside laptop USB now) That, that little flash drive could change the world.
JACK: (eyes now wide) What?! What are you going to do? Take over the world? Kill everyone? Make everyone your little robots?
HANNAH: No! Of course not! (Points at screen.) Look!
JACK: (looks at screen, starts to laugh) Really Hannah? You made me hunt down some person and get this flash drive for a cookie recipe?
HANNAH: Of course! (rubs hands together) This is the greatest cookie recipe in the world! I will make them here and once people try them they will be dying to get more and pay any amount possible for them! I’ll make millions.
JACK: (walks away from Hannah and goes out the door) I can’t believe her. She’s out of her mind.
HANNAH: (yells after jack) Jack? Jack! Get back here! Who’s going to help me make my cookies if you leave?

[Curtains close leaving Hannah dumbfounded with her cookie recipe in the warehouse]

The author's comments:
This is a script/play scene I wrote. It's kind of weird, yea, but supposed to have some humor to it.

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i liked it  keep up the good work  could you please check out and comment on my story Manso's SHame  i would appreciate the feedback