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April 1, 2011
By JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
JSkeletonRocks PLATINUM, Longmont, Colorado
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"Your mind is like a parachute, it doesn't work unless it's open."
-Frank Zappa

The air was thick and surrounding. My open window sat beautifully pressed into the wall, it's white outline and outward opening panes so delicately laid open for me. Outside in the great world, in a distance, were bright vivacious party lights, right below my window were austere streetlights...guiding cars and late night walkers to their destinations. Over the whole large landscape of the city, the lights danced and blazed across the sky, promising a temporary night of ignorant fun and games. Young college students took out their cheap cigarettes, and in dark allies the orange butts aflame would glow the eeriest of a burnt tangerine light. I began to wonder...How many of them would see me? Would anyone care?

The blackened cobalt sky was glittered with bright large stars. So pretty they were...but they'd seen all. They'd seen crime and murder when the sky turned dark as it was now, they'd witnessed suicide after suicide. And yet still they were able to shine so graciously, giving their spectators the simple joy of lights. That's all the city was at night. Lights.

It was a beautiful scene, it really was. All the small made one magnificent big. But would there be a difference...if there were one less star that shone in the sky? Would one less cigarette aflame make a contribute to the tangerine glow of the allies? Would anyone notice? Would anyone care? What about a person...Would anyone notice my being gone? Why, of course not, I'm just one small thing to make up the whole. Not much less of a whole it'd be if I were gone too. With that glistening thought jabbing at my mind, I stepped onto the ledge. Lights. Everywhere. Take me with you. Take me tonight. I closed my eyes, and jumped.

Momentarily...the lights took me.

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I just wrote this one day

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