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May 19, 2011
By CassaJade SILVER, Rancho Santa Fe, California
CassaJade SILVER, Rancho Santa Fe, California
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Favorite Quote:
\"The world may be broken but hope is not crazy.\"
-John Green

He follows me everywhere. Assures me that I am never alone. Because he is always there.
He’s scared of the dark. He leaves me once the world turns from orange to indigo, leaving me to navigate the dimmer world alone. But he always comes back at sunrise.
The rain scares him, too. When the sun is obscured by the gray masses of unfallen rain and the world becomes shrouded in darkness he always retreats. He leaves me alone to weather the cracks of thunder and intimidating flashes of light as they slice across the stormy skies.
But he loves the sun. The brighter it shines the happier he is. Until midday rolls around, that is. As the sun beats down directly overhead he always disappears, retreating back into me, if only for a moment, before he reappears on my other side.
His favorite times are dusk and dawn. He stretches out beside me, basking in the dim light of the sun as it settles on the horizon, that unreachable, nonexistent line.
He used to make me nervous, coming and going as he pleased, darkening and lightening, never leaving my side.
But his predictability has come to comfort me. Because in a world where there is little I can truly count on, I know he will always come back to me.

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