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the needles eye: part one- at the studio

September 27, 2011
By Juliettecroce PLATINUM, Minnaepolis, Minnesota
Juliettecroce PLATINUM, Minnaepolis, Minnesota
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"We have a choice- To live, or to exist/

My home was on 43rd and Brook street. It was filled with mirrors and had a secret room that me and Kora only knew about. We would spend our days there, sitting and reading. Doing homework. It was a place I could get away to. Somewhere my mom wasn't around, and my dad still was. Kora says her excuse was that she missed her sister to much to even live in that house. I guess I can relate with dad. Most of all, I was there to dance. Everyday, for an hour. I could let my heart ache out and breath in spirit. I could be what i always wanted to be: a princess. When I was dancing, I was living far far away from mom, and my dad was holding my hand. I was okay. No bruises, and straight A's. Dancing was the place that I was happy. The one place.

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hard times

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