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To keep this from Happening

December 3, 2011
By TerraTAZz GOLD, Sapulpa, Oklahoma
TerraTAZz GOLD, Sapulpa, Oklahoma
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I want to go back to a time when everything made sense. When I was a teenager and didn't think about the future, well when really no one did. That was our mistake. For Years we did nothing, but take from our planet and take from our planet, and now... our planet has nothing left to give.

It is 2041. I am thirty-One today. I was born in 2010 to a fifteen year old mother who gave me away. I grew up in my adopted parents home in Oklahoma. They spoiled me and I knew not of my real parents until I was eighteen. I don't feel any different towards my adopted parents, because they were as good as any parents.

I graduated college in 2032. I had a bachelors degree in fashion design. The world when I was in college was steadily increasing in temperature. When I was a kid Oklahoma's weather was always very up and down, Now the weather is one constant thing, Dry and hot. The worlds population when I graduated college was eight billion, Now some nine years later it is a staggering 10 billion.

I met my husband a year after college. He is a Botanist, a plant scientist. He has been studying the worlds changes in plants and is worried about the future. Two weeks ago he was called to the white house for a meeting with all of the worlds leaders. This is when I became alarmed.

He called me last night to tell me, happy birthday.. That wasn't the only thing he had to tell me. He said that as of 2042 The United States, as well as every country in the world, would issue a new law. The law would be heavily enforced that no women could have over three children, and for those who violate this law would be fined one million dollars and the father of this fourth child would be sent to prison. I was shocked. I couldn't grasp the concept. He continued to tell me that if this world law wasn't set in place the worlds population in 2050 would soar to fifteen billion and the worlds food source would be below the capably to feed this amount of people. My husband was needed to stay in D.C for three months. He was to study plant changes in all regions of the world. He told me to stay with my parents in Oklahoma, but wasn't allowed to tell me why.

So obeying my husbands wishes today I flew to Oklahoma. As I watched the news this after noon I figured out why my husband asked me to leave our home in Florida. A hurricane was building in the Atlantic Ocean. It wasn't planned to hit for a week, but it was building so rapidly it was bound to be a big one. I was worried.

I had not received a call from my husband until the day after hurricane Ivan hit. It was a category five and destroyed everything in its path until it reached Orlando and fell apart. It was the worst hurricane in history. Everything from Port Charlotte to Miami was under water. My husband told me about the global warming that was going on. I hadn't heard much about global warming growing up and even less in my college years, but it was serious. Most of the scientist my husband had been working with told him the earth was falling apart one catastrophic event at a time. Soon Manhattan would be underwater and there would be a new coast line threw out the world as the glaciers melted.

Three months after Hurricane Ivan there was an earthquake in the Philippines it had destroyed everything. It was an 8.5. I wasn't sure how bad that was until they began showing video of the dessicated area. No one had been found alive. My husband said there was a tsunami headed towards Mexico, that was caused by the earthquake. The wave was said to be two thousand feet tall. Which would set the record for largest tsunami. It was planned to hit in four days. I asked how far on land would that destroy, he said it could potentially split North American from South America. I was beyond scared. I asked my husband if they were doing anything to reverse this global destruction. He said there was nothing they could do. None of the world's leaders would come to an agreement to cut global emissions, and if nothing was done in the next two years our lives would change completely.

As I lay in bed that night I knew soon nothing would be the same. I wished I was a child again, a time when it seemed we had all the time in the world, and I wished someone would have stood up for our planet. I wished we could save what resources we had then and beyond anything I wished someone who have done something to preserve our planet to keep these things from happening.

The author's comments:
Watch a documentary on what will happen in the years to come and this idea for a story came to mind.

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