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Destiny Part 3: Afterlife

December 31, 2011
By WritingGirlKyla14 PLATINUM, West Valley, Utah
WritingGirlKyla14 PLATINUM, West Valley, Utah
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Robert found himself in a beautiful meadow with an odd glow about it. He found himself wearing black slacks and a white shirt, so unlike the harsh orange prison jumpsuit.
He saw Malena. Dancing in the meadow. She looked beautiful in a white summer dress and no cares.
A true celestial being.
He called out to her.
She stopped; shocked that he could still find her in the afterlife.
She knew she shouldn’t, but she went to him anyway.
“Where am I?” Robert asked.
“Limbo,” she answered simply.
“What’s limbo?” he further questioned.
So she explained.
`Not here
`Not there
`A place between life
`And Heaven or Hell
`Somewhere far different from your cell
`A place anyone can go
`A place of your making.’
He took a look around.
“This is my making,” she told him
Robert apologized profusely, but it made no difference to her.
“You beat me, Robert! You killed me!” she said. “What did I ever do to deserve that? Love you! The only bright spot is you being sent to prison!”
He understood and he told her that. He begged her to forgive him, to take him back.
She simply turned and began walking away.
He grabbed wrist and pulled her toward him, the lightest touch from him she’d ever felt. He pressed his lips to hers, the sweetest kiss she’d ever received from him. She felt his hands pressed lightly against her back, for once not causing bruises.
Malena pulled away.
“I won’t succumb to your tricks, Robert. Just leave. I’m free now. You can no longer hurt me. No longer affect me,” she told him.
She turned and pranced back through the meadow, flowers springing her along as she went.
`Malena!” he called.
`I’m sorry!
`It was wrong
`I know that
`And it taking me this long
`To learn that
`Is just as bad!
`I’m not asking for what we had
`But what we could have
She turned to look at him. No sadness, pain, or anger on her face. Just peace.
“I’m sorry, Robert,” she said while shaking her head. “I said no. My mind is made up.”
She flicked her finger his way, blasting him away.
She resumed her dance. Singing a song as she went.
`Tick Tock
`It took long enough
`Tick Tock
`To call his bluff
`Tick Tock
`I’m finally free
`Tick Tock
`I can now be me
`Tick Tock
`He won’t be redeemed
`Tick Tock
`But there’s no need to mock
`Tick Tock
`He got away from his cell
`Tick Tock
`But now he’ll go to hell!’
She continued dancing, repeating over and over, “Go to hell! Go to hell! Go to hell!”
Just like a child again. Pure. A new slate.

To be Continued…

The author's comments:
This is the third part in my short story series Destiny.
It is about the two main characters. Robert and Malena, after they have died and are now in the afterlife.

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