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The Cuts

March 19, 2012
By queennels17 PLATINUM, Wellington, Florida
queennels17 PLATINUM, Wellington, Florida
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The sun is out but it's still dark outside.

I run home every night
So I can do the things I do
That make me feel right

The sight of my crimson blood
Makes my eyes flood
But its the only thing that keeps me from
Looking above

I run in the room and grab my razor
I lick the rest, but I like the flavor

I know what I do is wrong
But for some reason it makes me strong

So cut me up like a piece of paper
Throw me away and regret it all later
I'm just a confused little girl doing you a favor

I pretend to be happy
But I keep my scars unhealed
And I use happiness as a shield

So I watch my self bleed and bleed
Do you really want to see the real me ?
I was never the little girl my parents wanted to see
So I must continue to bleed

I know its wrong but it feels right
It feels so right bleeding through life
You've tried to hold me tight saying it'll be alright
That just makes me want to add another scar tonight

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