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A Single Rumor

March 29, 2012
By RamonaThePunkRocker GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
RamonaThePunkRocker GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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A single tear cascades down the face of a lonesome girl. Her small wire like frame getting beaten down by the wind as she walked aimlessly. Only one thing came to the dead, sluggish brain inside her head. This one thing was simple yet complex in its own way. 'Never stop walking.' The lonesome girl had left her home in hopes of a better, and brilliant future. No, that hadn't happened yet instead she was walking down a highway in the middle of the night.
Most would think she had a tragic story of pain and suffering. This lonesome girl actually didn't, in fact she had everything. Long chestnut colored hair perfect bunt nose green eyes, money, popularity, friends, and all the foods she could think of and a beautiful name, Gabriel. So why was this perfect fifteen year old girl walking down a highway like one of the living dead. To think. To ponder on her life. To soak in as much guilt as possible. These where the answers. And why you may ask. It had all started with some simple fun and games.
"So is it true?" her best friend asked stifling a giggle.The Burnett nodded causing her long locks to bounce in response as well.
"I am absolutely sure its true, Tiff. Would I lie to you?" Tiffany shook her head raking a hand through her flat dark raven hair.
"Pass it on?" The black haired girl asked tentatively. Gabriel smiles and once again nods.
"Of course why wouldn't me? After all 'she' needs to learn to back off my boyfriend."
The next day a perfectly thought out rumor was spreading around the school like hay fever. Everyone knew.
Gabriel felt not the slightest guilt. If Amy wanted to play that game she would play it right back, right? It was only fair. Yet Amy hadn't spread a rumor, she had messed with the cutest boy on the basket ball team. Gabriel's boyfriend.
The once selfish girl continued to walk as the back of her shoes rubbed against the boils on her feet causing her to his in pain. This wasn't why she was walking in fact it was really two weeks afterwards this day that what was bad had really happened.
It was a normal day. Gabriel barely remembered the whole incident, but unfortunately someone else did.
Suddenly a gun shot rang through the hallway. Every one screamed and ducked to the ground to look up at the face of Amy. Her short red hair was greasy and dirty her face red from tears. The worst thing Gabriel noticed was the dull lifeless eyes, for a moment they only looked at her then she spoke. "I am sick of life..." she sounded defeated and a knot formed in Gabriel's stomach. The Ginger slowly raised the gun to her head. Everyone seemed to gasp as another shot rang out and blood splattered everywhere. The limb body fell to the ground For some it had felt like almost a few minutes. But that had lasted Gabriel a century and that scene had burned into her head.
That was the truth. The reason she had continued walking. Gabriel the perfect princess of high school was a murderer. And no matter how you said it that was exactly how it was. Gabriel was going to walk for the rest of her life. This was her apology, although she would never be forgiven. She knew this.

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