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May 3, 2012
By Monkee63 SILVER, Independence, Kentucky
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The Wedding
Alicia woke up to her brother jumping on her bed “Come on Alicia, It’s the big day! Get up!!” She rolled over on her back rubbing her eyes. “Geez Owen what a way to wake up.” He sat down on her bed and looked at her, “well get up we have to be at the hotel in two hours and you need to eat. Be downstairs in twenty minutes.” Owen shut the door and went downstairs. Alicia laid in bed for a few more minutes before she go up. She was so excited to get married today. She smiled and got out of bed she could already feel the heat of the summer day. Alicia ran a hand through her hair as she walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, “alright, what’s for breakfast?” She smiled. Owen dished out eggs, bread, and hashbrowns onto a plate and handed it to her, “eat up.” Alicia sat down at the table when Jackie walked in. “Morning Alicia.” She said sitting down to eat. “Hey, How did you sleep last night?” “I slept alright, Peter kept calling me.” She chuckled a little bit. That made Alicia giggle as well, everyone finished eating and went to go get their things together. Jackie knocked on Alicia’s bedroom door about an hour later, “Alicia? Are you almost ready to go? We have to check into the hotel in an hour.” Alicia was starting to get cold feet and was a little nervous. “Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute.” She replied as she gathered all her bags and took them out to the car. “I’m glad we decided to do this inside, it’s so hot out here.” She complained as she got into the car with Owen and Jackie. They just shook their heads knowing Alicia was nervous. The whole car ride to the hotel was pretty silent and Alicia’s mind was full of memories of her and Peter. A bellboy helped carry all of the bags up to their hotel room and the first thing that Alicia did was get in the shower. Owen went to go check on Peter to make sure that he was okay and didn’t need anything. Jackie got all of the make-up and hair products out so that she could help Alicia get ready. She felt bad that her parents couldn’t make it and knew that it was hard for Alicia to deal with. Alicia felt better after her shower and walked into the bedroom wrapped in a robe when she saw Jackie. “Awe, Jackie you don’t have to do this.” She smiled and sat on the bed. “I know, but I want to, and I thought that you might like the help.” Alicia hugged her tightly, “You’re the best.” Jackie had Alicia sit in a chair while she curled her hair and pulled the sides back. She added a few colored flowers to match the ones she would carry and then started on her make-up. Jackie kept the make-up simple but beautiful. Owen walked in to let them know that she had to be downstairs in twenty minutes. Alicia hugged her brother and kicked him out so she could get her dress on. A while ago Alicia had gone wedding dress shopping with Jackie and is very unhappy with her dress. The dress Alicia wanted was made of silk that laid perfectly against her skin. It had an empire waist and was embroidered with beads. It had a touch of sassiness, but was classy all at the sametime. But it was against what Jackie wanted. She picked out a modest, cinderella dress style. Alicia was not happy at all and sighed when Jackie took it out of the dress bag. Jackie helped Alicia into the dress and smiled, “You are stunning.” She whispered “Simply breathtaking.” Alicia put on a fake smile for Jackie but deep inside she was unhappy. They walked out into the hall and went to the wedding hall where they were getting married. Alicia heard all of her friends and family talking and getting to their seats. Alicia took a deep breath as Owen took his place beside her. “Ready sis?” He asked as the bridesmaids started to walk down the aisle. She took a deep breath, smiled at Owen and nodded “Yes, I am.” The wedding march started and Owen led his sister down the where her soon-to-be husband waited at the alter. Peter couldn’t stop smiling. Alicia was stunning as soon as she locked eyes with Peter she knew everything was going to be okay. Peter reached out his hand and took Alicia’s hand. She stood there holding both of his hands in hers before all of their friends and family. The pastor started the ceremony and before they knew it they were at the ‘I do’ part. “Do you Peter Florrick take Alicia Cavanaugh to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and health for better or worse, as long as you both shall live?” Peter replied “I do, with all my heart as he slipped the beautiful silver diamond ring onto Alicia’s finger. She smiled and her eyes shone like the stars. The pastor then turned to Alicia, “Do you Alicia Cavanaugh take Peter Florrick to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness in health, for better or worse, as long as you both shall live?” Alicia took the ring and turned to Peter and as she slid it onto his finger she said “I do, forever and always.” The pastor smiled and then said “You may now kiss the bride.” The newly married couple stood at the altar hand in hand with all their friends and family waiting for that first kiss as a married couple.They both smiled looking each other in the eyes for what seemed like hours. Alicia had every moment of their relationship running through her mind, she couldn’t help but smile. At the same moment Peter felt like they were the only two people in the room. He slowly lift his up and gently placed it on her cheek. She smiled and closed her eyes gently leaning her cheek against his hand. Peter leaned his head in and brushed his lips against Alicia’s. She smiled against his lips and kissed him with such love and passion, they were finally broken out of their fantasy when they heard all of the clapping and cheering from the crowd.

The Bachelorette Party
It was Saturday the 19th, two days before the wedding and Alicia woke up feeling so sick. She climbed out of bed hoping the morning sickness wouldn't last all day, especially since today was her bachelorette party. And she wanted to be able to enjoy it. She tiredly walked into the bathroom turning on the shower. Alicia stood under the hot water for awhile just to enjoy it and every so often she ran her hand over her still flat belly. She soon heard a knock on the door. It was Jackie. "Alicia?" "Yes?" She asked shutting off the water and walking into the room in a robe. "Breakfast is ready." she smiled. "I'm not hungry." Alicia replied as she walked over to the closet. Jackie sighed, Alicia hadn't been eating much lately, but she knew it was because of the morning sickness. "well, alright but be ready in the next fourty-five minutes, because we are meeting everyone at the nail salon." "Okay, I'll be down in twenty minutes." She repsonded. Jackie left the room and Alicia picked out black yoga pants and cute baby blue shirt with a white tank top underneath. Alicia got dressed and put her hair into a messy bun. She knew it wouldn't be acceptable for Jackie but at that moment in time she didn't really care. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and the first thing that she was "Is that what your wearing?" Alicia cursed under her breath and turned around. "Yes, it is. Why?" Jackie looked at her, "No reason, I was just wondering." Alicia walked into the living room and layed down on the couch waiting for Jackie to be ready to leave. they were meeting Jenna, Sarah, Lindsay, and Becky at the salon. They had all been close friends for as long as Alicia could remember. They drove to the salon in slience. Once they got there and everyone said theur hello's they went inside. Everyone was getting french manicure's for the wedding. Alicia still wasn't feeling the best, so she grabbed her water and sat between Lindsay and Jackie. Jackie gave Alicia a sympathic look, but smiled. Alicia's friends wondered why she was being so quiet. They hoped she wasn't getting cold feet. They all talked about how work, family, and life in general was while they got their nails done. Alicia was the first one who was done. She whispered to Jackie that she was going to the bathroom. Jackie nodded and hoped she was okay. Alicia locked the door behind her. She looked at her pale face in the mirror and immediately got sick. Afterwards she thought to herself that it was a good thing she kept a toothbrush in her bag. She brushed her teeth, washed off her face, and walked out of the bathroom. Jackie walked over to her and whispered "You okay?"

"Yeah, I just got sick. I don't know how I'm gooing to get through lunch." She replied

"Well, let's go shopping and then lunch, maybe you'll be better by then."

"Hopefully." Alicia smiled softly walking over to the girls. Becky was the last one done and they all took turns admiting each other's nails. Alicia's were the only ones that were a little different, but she was the bride to be. They all drove over to the mall and went into Victoria Secret's. Alicia wanted to pick out something cute but sexy for their wedding night. Even though it obviously wouldn't be thier first time together, it will be as husband and wife so she wanted it to be special. Alicia looked around a little till Jackie called her over to a rack full of black lacey outfits.

"What about this one?" Jackie asked holding it up, Alicia looked at her stunned.

"I cannot believe that your actually trying to help with this."

"Why not?" Jackie asked

"Because it's for my wedding night with YOUR son." She replied smartly looking at a white bra and thong with a matching see throuigh robe.

"That one's nice." Jackie said to her.

"I'm glad you like it." Alicia replied smirking. Her friend's chipped in and bought music, rose petals, and candles for Peter and Alicia. After shopping they all headed over to Olive Garden for dinner since it was almost time for dinner anyways. Alicia was finally feeling better and was starving, especially since she hadn't eaten all day. They got a table and sat down. Everyone order a glass of red wine and looked over thier menus. Everyone ordered different types of pasta and salads. They talked about the wedding and where Alicia and Peter were going for their honeymoon. They all laughed and had a great time till Alicia's phone went off. She looked at it and it was a text from Peter asking when she was coming home. She realized it was almost 11 at night and that she need to get some sleep. Everyone said their goodbyes and hugged. When Alicia got home she didn't even change she climbed into bed next to Peter cuddled up with him and fell fast alseep in his arms.

The author's comments:
I wrote these two scenes for a friend who is working on a book. And I just wanted to see what everyone else thinks about it.

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