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The Run

June 20, 2012
By Florence BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Florence BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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I could not simply hear the footsteps of a stranger I felt them. Felt the vibrations of the heavy footfalls, the steps that conveyed to me his strength and his power that made him a conspicuous hunter. Every one of his paces sent a wave of shock and terror to course through me in terrifying rapids that swayed me. That tensed my muscles in apprehension for my follower to tackle me down like a football player and attempt his worst. He nurtured my fear by simply following me for it is not the fear of WHAT will happen but the fear of KNOWING that you are completely powerless, of having to torture yourself thinking about it. This man lacks empathy, right now he is enjoying the Goosebumps that cover my arms, the heartbeats that pound faster than a car’s engine burning holes through my chest, the cold sweat that mops my forehead and the bristling hairs at the nape of my neck, he is enjoying my fear. I am trapped worse than a chained dog, except that this dog has no fangs nor claws to be a threat. I had no cell phone ,I’m an obsolete person that believes technology will betray us someday and then we will all be doomed so I never use technology that much which left me completely distraught now that I had no way to call for help. I’m too much of a coward to confront anyone so how am I supposed to confront a man so huge and perspective was obscure with a hood over my face and his silhouette was an exact copy of mine; hooded; so I couldn’t see his face. I enhanced my pace when I saw my utopia, a heavily populated mall a couple of blocks away where I can call for help. I took off in a sprint slicing through the air, shoes slapping on concrete, he followed, and I could see the mall almost in my reach. But my heart was giving out, he was winning.
Solid arms wrapped around me I screeched and flailed my legs. He didn’t let go and he pressed me against a wall.

A sharp ringing blasted through my ears and I woke up with a jolt springing out of bed.

It was just the same dream again.

The author's comments:
a thrilling run that will have you shaking in anticipation.

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