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All of Us (Part 2)

September 28, 2012
By Special-Ice-Apples GOLD, Pinedale, Arizona
Special-Ice-Apples GOLD, Pinedale, Arizona
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“So, I’m at the hospital?” Michae asked curiously. This place looked way too nice to be a hospital. Reece blushed,
“No…’re at my house…..” he trailed off and glared at everyone else in the room. They were stifling laughter, but still had big grins on their faces.
“Yeah, Michae! Now you can brag that you’ve been in his bed!” Terrylee cracked. Cayden started laughing, and Terrylee beamed at him happily. Michae rolled her eyes. Cayden was always using that ‘poor girl’, and that ‘poor girl’ absolutely loved it. Reece bit his lip in worry. One of these days, Cayden was going to go too far, and Terrylee would fall out of love quicker than you can say ‘snap’. Obviously, though, that would not be today.
Just then, Alexis burst in with Jaden and Robert close at her heels. Jaden rushed to Michae, and Alexis rushed to Reece.
“Michaela! Are you all right?” Jaden cried and grasped Michae’s hand. She yanked her hand away.
“I’m fine, Jaden,” she said shortly. Jaden sighed. Meanwhile, Alexis was more concerned about Reece than Michae.
“Reece, you okay?” she asked. Everyone raised an eyebrow simultaneously. Reece wasn’t injured, but of course, Alexis would make a big fuss over him. She had thought that no one would find out she had a crush on him, but thanks to Terrylee’s ability to keep a secret (or lack thereof), everyone knew all about it. Reece looked at Alexis and smiled weakly.
“Hey, Parrot Girl.” Alexis mock-scowled.
“I resent that, Harris.”
“That’s why I said it,” Reece teased her affectionately. Michae’s fists clenched in jealousy, and Terrylee quickly put a hand on her friends shoulder.
“Easy, girl,” she murmured. “They’re just friends. Calm down.” Michae took a few deep breaths and regained her composure.

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Here is the Part 2!

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