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Sisterly Love

May 11, 2013
By Luxy_Reese PLATINUM, Grand Forks, North Dakota
Luxy_Reese PLATINUM, Grand Forks, North Dakota
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Sisterly Love
“Kitt, your mom’s here,” I said softly. It hurt like nothing I’d ever experienced, nothing I’d ever truly felt, to see our best friend sitting there, bawling, on her birthday. A day that was supposed to be celebratory (and was just moments ago), was now something I wanted nothing more than to forget.
“No tears,” I said, gently wiping some stray droplets from Kitt’s cheeks as she got up to leave. She hugged me, flinging her arms around me one last time before she left. I took a deep breath, not wanting to cry myself. I n ever was good at the whole ‘comforting’ thing, but that would have to change. I was determined to make my friend, my sister, feel better.
“C’mon, kid,” I whispered, wrapping my arms around her, her shaking and sobbing rattling my heart. I tightened my grip on her, more for my sake than hers. I needed to be strong, if not for me, than for Jade. I had to be a stable force for my friend.
I rubbed her back soothingly, letting her rest her head against the crook in between my neck and shoulder. She was practically sitting in my lap, but I couldn’t have cared less. I carefully leaned back, so that I was resting on the headboard of Jade’s bed, Jade scooting off of me.
“C’mon, Jade. Get under the covers,” I whispered, tucking her into bed. She went quietly, tears still rolling down her cheeks, as Jade pulled her satin quilt up to her chin. I pulled a pillow into my lap, letting her lay down on it. I combed through her hair, tears cascading neatly down her face before curling under her chin, and seeping into her into her ‘JYNX’ softball sweatshirt.
“I-it isn’t f-fair!” Jade stuttered, a fresh onslaught on tears coming to the forefront. She curled into a tight ball, hands clenched in little fists around my jacket sleeve. Despite the situation, she truly did remind me of a pouting five year old.
“Aaron is a g-good g-guy!” She whimpered, choking through her sobs. My heart cracked, seeing her so broken, so unbelievably hurt. It was almost more than I could bear. So I just continued, combing comfortingly through her perfectly layered hair with my fingers, an old trick I’d learned years ago that usually made her fall asleep instantly, no matter how much she fought it.
“Tell me, Luxy,” Jade said, sitting up and looking me dead in the eye, “Do you know what it feels like to have someone you trusted, trusted with your life, have someone you really connected with on every level, just… Torn away? Like, they aren’t completely gone, but they aren’t with you?” She sniffled, turning her gaze from me to her fuming hands. A little tear, a single one, slipped down my cheek.
“Yeah kid,” I said, hugging her close to me. She stiffened, realizing what she’d done.
“I’m sorry, Lux, I didn’t mean to-” I cut her off.
“It’s ok, kid,” I whispered. “This’ll all get better.” My heart seemed to audibly crack when one of my absolute best friends in the world looked up at me, ‘hopeless’ spelled out in her eyes.
“I seriously doubt it,” she whimpered.
“It will,” I insisted. “You need to sleep, Jade.” I grabbed my phone and played Hunter Hayes’ “Wanted.” It was like a lullaby, and I could already see her eyes dropping, her internal timer going off as she struggled to stay awake.
“You’ll be here when I wake up?” Jade asked me. I gave her my signature, lopsided grin.
“Of course,” I whispered.
“Thank you, Luxy. For being here, for being such a good friend.” She said, almost, almost smiling.
“I told you I wouldn’t miss your party for the world, kid. I don’t break my promises,” I smiled at her.
“Love you Lux,” she whispered, eyelids fluttering. My breath came sharply. Jade and Kitt were like my sisters. We’d gotten so close, so unbelievingly close that when we said things like that, we truly meant it. But that didn’t mean I’d be used to their incredibly open affection anytime soon. But I knew what to say, what I was supposed to say. But I didn’t say it because I was expected to say it. They knew that it’d be a while before I could be so up-and-coming with my feelings and emotions. But in this second, in this small point in time, I was ready. More than ready. I was proud to say it.
“Love you too, kid. You and Kitt,” I said softly. Her face lit up in a tiny smile, but she was asleep. I chuckled. It was true though. And nothing would change it.
Just then, Hunter Hayes sweet, melodic voice was interrupted by a text from Kitt.
How’s she doing?
I actually laughed. Better than one would think, I said to myself.

The author's comments:
This is a true story about my two best friends in the world and myself. I'm so proud to call them my sisters. So, they know who they are, and to them I say, I love you guys.

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