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The little green girl!

November 5, 2008
By Anonymous

My name is Nancy Willison. I am 12 years old and I live in Miami, Nevada. I wear glasses, I have blue eyes and light blond hair. I always wear pretty dresses to school and have to have everything else match the outfit. Now I would like to tell you about my horrible first year in middle school. It was 1997, I went to Harrison middle school in Miami. Something happened to me, that made everyone make fun of me. My skin color wasn’t normal. My friends didn’t want to be friends with a person who has different skin color as them. They were the ones that started to make fun. So, the first day of school goes like this:

I was really excited to finally see my friends and hang out with them after school. Then, all of sudden, I woke up and I didn’t realize anything was wrong, but just then I walked right into my brother in the hallway, then he just stared at me like he just saw a ghost. I asked, “what are you starring at.” He ran away from me. I was thinking, what a dork. Then, I walked into the bathroom, turned on the light and then all of a sudden I started screaming at the top of my lungs. Just as I stopped screaming my mom walked into the room. She asked, “What are you screaming for?” I said, “Look at my skin color, its green.” “That’s not normal at all,” she said, “Maybe it will go away.” And, if it doesn’t improve by the time the day is over. I will take you to the doctors. So, get dressed for school ,hopefully no one will your green skin. And, when I got back to my room to get dressed I picked out a green dress so hoping nobody would notice the color of my skin.

My mom was driving me to school and parked in front and said, “Don’t worry, they probably won’t notice your skin color. Have a nice day.” When I got out of the car, I found everyone looking at me like I was a new kid or something. Just, then I started to walk towards the school entrance and everyone just started moving away from me. I ran into the school and found all my friends standing in the middle of the hallway. I started to say what’s up to my friends. They interrupted and asked it they were saying what happened to my skin color. That “I don’t know what happened?” My best friend Sarah said, “Oh. I can’t be friends with some who looks different then normal people do.” When she said that I started crying and ran away and my friend, Ben started to followed me. He caught up with me and said, “Don’t listen to her. She has been that way since her mom and dad got a divorce this summer. She has been trying to get away from everything and everyone too.” “Well I will see you in homeroom. Bye Nancy.” When the bell rang I was walking into my classroom, everyone started staring and teasing me about my different colored skin. Then, the day got worse, so I called my mom from school to come and get me. Then, when I was talking to her on the phone, I started to cry.

When my mom came to get me, she started to say to me that she made a doctors appointment for me and it was in 15 minutes too. So, when we got to the doctors. I had to wait 2 minutes before I could see my doctor and then they called my name and I started to tell the doctor about what I was seeing him for and what was wrong with me and so for too. And, he said, “ It might go back to the normal skin color. So, everyone has to put up with my skin color until I gets rid of it ( if it goes away). Then the next day of school, when I went to school for the first time after my skin turned this color. Suddenly when I walked in the school, everyone was starring at me. So, I started to walking to my locker and I started to notice everyone was trying not to get close to me, because they thought I was contingent. Everyone was making fun of me about my skin color, all day long. But everyone thought it was my fault about my skin. But it wasn’t my fault about my skin color or where I got the green skin at (I don’t know). So, when the bell rang to go to class. I walked right into my class, everyone laughed and pointed at my skin, and I started to cry about everyone making fun about my skin color. When I started to cry, the teacher ( Mrs. Veselenak), told everyone what my problem was and that I couldn’t help it. So, they all said sorry to me, but they still didn’t want to get near me. Then, it was lunch time and nobody wanted to even sit by me at all. Then, after lunch I didn’t want to go outside with everyone for recess. I just wanted to get away from everyone, so I went to the library instead. When I was looking around. I started to read a book about a girl who was yellow. And, I said to myself, “That’s me.” And, so I kept reading the story. I was very glad to read about a girl that felt like I was feeling right now. But I know that the story isn’t true. So, when school was over no one wouldn’t sit by me on the way home on the bus. When she realized nobody would sit by me, just when I was going to walk home some boy sat by me. And, I started to think where did I know this boy at. Just then I knew where I have seen him. He said, “So why is your skin green and what’s your name. I just said, “ I don’t know where I got the green skin at and my name is Nancy.” I said, “What’s your name?” He said, “Ben.” I said, “ That’s a great name.” So after that they started hanging out together then they started to be great friends, he didn’t care if her skin was green or not. And the next week when they were at school they were being teased by other people. Because Ben was being a great friend to me. And, we both said, “ do you got a problem with that or not.” Then, the next day, she woke up and her green skin wasn’t there no more. So, when she saw Ben at school in the morning. He said, “ Your skin is back to normal now.” I said, “ Yeah, ant that great.”

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