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From the POV of Rosa Parks

March 10, 2014
By Aciey2014 SILVER, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Aciey2014 SILVER, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Dear chaps of 2011,

This is Rosa Parks and I’ve written to make some things known.
First of all, it’s a downright shame that ya’ll chirens don’t respect you alls moms and dads. It’s like bumping into someone and not saying “Excuse Me.”

Back in my day, we got beat half to death if we even thought about sassing our parents. I’m serious, but we always respected them.
Ya’ll chirens got it made and wouldn’t recognize it if it came to your back porch and hung ya’ll clothes out for you.

Shoot and all them bad grades! Just horrible! Lord have mercy, because if I EVER thought about bringing home a bad grade, my parents would have skinned me alive.

And I didn’t act bad in school because the teacher had the right to whip us. But nowadays, ya’ll chaps wanna call child protection and junk.
Well, child protection my left foot cause we didn’t play that mess back then! We didn’t have anything like that because it takes a village to raise a child, so every neighbor had the right to whip us.

And then ya’ll still run to the back of the bus. Shucks, I didn’t do what I did so ya’ll chirens could go back to how it was. Ya’ll are so unappreciative. But ya’ll don’t care. Nope, not one cent! You wouldn’t care if your own life depended on it.

Well, I’m here to tell you: This right here, its gon stop. Come on parents because I know you know I’m right!

Shoot! We need to discipline this generation of youngsters, and that’s a fact. If they stopped complaining about how much they can’t live with out technology and became thankful of what they already had, then they would be better off.


Rosa M. Parks

Rosa M. Parks

The author's comments:
This is apoem that i wrote in 2011 for the Black History program at my school. It is about how mad Rosa Parks is about this generation.

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