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Between the Hands

November 23, 2008
By Anonymous

A rainy day in august is like an ugly duck between gorgeous swans. It’s out of place and doesn’t belong together. However, I was born on a rainy day in august and I have nearly 10 000 brothers. We look like each other and aren’t able to say “Hey! I want to stay with my brother! Don’t touch me and get out of here!”. I hadn’t the opportunity to get to know my ansisters or even my parents. If you ask me it’s a strange feeling to know you’re only a piece of paper called note or one dollar. They don’t call me “cash” because I’m too small for such a nickname. I haven’t got a so called name, I’m not individual, I’m just like the others.
After my birth I came into a dark stockroom. It was cold and isolated although I wasn’t alone. It seemed to be 100 years, then a tall man gripped me and threw me into a leather box. That was my first home in my life and I got to know a brother of mine. He was a little bit older than me and I liked his green face. We’re all green and you can’t mix up us with greasy, used brown notes from Asia or Europe. However, my brother told me where he was in the last two years. He saw Brazil, Egypt, Australia and even Ohio. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to be important for somebody. But actually I was, because this tall man had put me into his purse and didn’t threw me away. I asked myself how much purses I’ll see in my life. And while thinking about my future I felt a damp hand grasping at me and before I could react I found myself into another purse. I was alone, there was only a piece of brass and it was quiet and didn’t say a word. First I thought it was dead, but then it looked at me and pulled faces and turned away again. It was crazy, no doubt! After finding myself into a counter a brother of mine told me what’s going on. These so called coins are robots that want to become notes. They try to tease us and don’t recognize that we laugh at them. After thinking about them I feel sorrow. It must be horrible to live a life without any feelings and hopes. I hoped to see Ohio, that was my dream. My first brother was there and I want to see it, too. It’s just a short moment when we see our surroundings. It’s the moment between the action I come from one hand to another. It was the moment between the hands. You can’t imagine this feeling. It’s absolutely amazing, it’s freedom. Show me only one moment where you can feel so free. You begin to appreciate freedom when you lose it. I saw so many different places, but only for some seconds. That’s the most hopeless detail in my life. I want to see more than I do. And I want to see Ohio.
One day I came into the hand of a small girl. She looked at me and smiled. She was so happy to have me and I felt luck for the first time. That girl went to a candy-shop and spent me on a lolly. It was a good day in my life, because I saw how lucky a person can be with my help.
I wouldn’t change my life if I could. Yes, I can say: I am a useful note. Now I’m lying on the street because the wind had blown me out of a suite-case of a musician playing on the street. I’m sure, somebody will find me and will be happy to get to know me. I can’t complain, everybody wants to know me. I am a star. We’ll see what kind of purse will be the next. If you ask me, my life is a symbol for the human’s life. You never know what comes next. So believe me when I say: appreciate every dollar and even every cent. Although they’re only robots they can make you happy. You just have to have much of them.
While lying on the street I think about my death. I don’t think I will die someday. No one will come and tear me in pieces. Oh, I have to stop! There’s somebody who finds me. Goodbye! Maybe we will see each other. But I don’t think you will recognize.

The author's comments:
I am a German student and I'm sorry for mistakes. But I hope you'll like it. Just imagine you are a note, you aren't individual and nobody knows your feelings, even if you show them. Thank you for reading and please comment this short story.

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This article has 2 comments.

b33ki said...
on Feb. 12 2009 at 4:41 pm
this is amazing, expecially since english isn't your first language. this is a very interesting view on life i loved it keep writing

teeninkgrrl said...
on Dec. 6 2008 at 10:51 pm
Wow- English isn't your first language and you write this well?!? I know people who have english as their first language that don't write this well! Bravo!