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The Voice of the Creek

May 23, 2014
By BiancaVanGilder SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
BiancaVanGilder SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
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I can’t go there anymore. I can’t go to that creek. The memory still haunts me till this day; when I’m awake, when I’m asleep. The voices, they never stop. I hear them in the wind. With every whisk of leaves I hear the whispers. I lay there awake hoping for sleep, and when I finally doze off, they arrive and my dreams turn into nightmares. Some are louder than others. They never end. I haven’t been there since that night. No one has. It’s a cold place. Clouds always gather above the area, constantly raining. No animals come around here anymore. The water is poisonous now. No one ever knew why that happened, but I did. Nothing grows there. No trees, no flowers, no fish in the creek. It’s all dead, just like her…
Why don’t you join her?
The water’s fine.

I try ignoring them. I try pushing them away, but I can’t. They pull me towards the creek but I fight it. It’s no use. They’re stronger than me. I try to run but I can’t move.
“Let me go!” I yell. The voices are getting louder.
Come swim with me.
I promise I don’t bite.
I don’t want to go to them. I want things to go back to the way they were. I want to change what happened. I want to leave, but they’re not letting me. My head jolts forward and I see something in the creek.
I see her.
Blonde hair; blue eyes; pale face.
I see her.
Lying there; motionless; lifeless.
I see her.
I see Jessica.
I hear a scream.
“Jessica?” I look closer at the image in the water.
Come to me.
Come swim.
Her eyes fly open and I jump back losing my step but I quickly regain it. The body lurches forward trying to grab my ankles but pulls back like she can’t get out of the water.
Come swim with me Troye.
I miss you.
She tries again but fails. I try jumping back but I can’t move.
Come to me Troye.
I want to play.
Her cold glassy eyes are now staring at me. I hear her voice, but her lips aren’t moving. How is she able to talk to me? She’s supposed to be dead. I’m going crazy. I have to be. This has to be a dream, it must be. I’ll wake up soon, just like I usually do. Just when I thought this was all going to end her eyes widen. I turn fast and a dark shadow-like figure collides with me sending me backwards into the creek. I fight trying to grab onto something but my arms won’t move. I look up at the creeks edge as I’m slowly going under.
I see her.
Wicked grin on her face.
I see her.
Eyes the same as a black hole.
I see her.
Satisfied look on her face.
I’ve been expecting you.
Enjoy your swim.
The figure jumps into the water without a splash and grabs me. I try to scream but my lungs fill up with water. I can’t breathe. The water stings on my skin. The figure looks at me straight in the eye.
Hi Troye.
I missed you.
I feel like someone is shaking me. Someone is yelling my name; my mom? This is a dream. It’s all just a dream. I try to wake up, but it’s too late. The voices, they have me in their grip. There’s no getting out of it this time.
Relax Troye.
Everything will be okay now.
Everything goes black and then I’m looking at the creek again. I see her standing next to me. The flowers were blooming, the leaves on the trees changing colors with the season. I’m back at that night, the night I pushed her in. She looks at me.
“I love you Troye,” she said to me.
“I’m so sorry Jessica,” I said with watery eyes.
“What do you mean you’re…”
With all my strength I pushed her in the creek. I watch as she struggled to stay above the water. She screamed for help, but I didn’t move. She started to go under and I feel the pain of her lungs filling with water; the pain in her heart. Why did I do it…?
I love you Troye.
I’ve missed you so much.

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