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Up in Smoke

January 23, 2015
By Proudheart PLATINUM, Evansville, Wisconsin
Proudheart PLATINUM, Evansville, Wisconsin
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"If you are going through Hell, keep going." -Winston Churchill

 Riah was staring at me from across the room while Marcus was peering from around the pallet at the scene unfolding before him. I swallowed, facing down Mr. Newman.

“So where did you go for your last break, Natalie?”
“Across the street.”
“Why was that?”
“I needed a cigarette.”
“Since you are only working six hours today you are not eligible to take a lunch.”
“I’m sorry. I was unaware.”
Newman glared at me, then nodded. “Next time make sure that you are aware.”
He turned then, and left, leaving me silent and my coworkers speechless. I glanced over at them. “Why are your jaws dragging on the floor?”
“If it had been one of us we’d have been b****ed at way more than that,” Riah responded, his dark eyes flicking back to the pallet.
“What does that mean?”
“He likes you more because you’re a girl.”
“Maybe he’s giving me another chance because I’m a new employee.”
“No, it’s because you’re female. Have you ever noticed how they don’t let you take pallets outside?”
I considered this. They had not let me take many pallets outside in the three weeks I’d worked here. I had always sort of assumed it was like that for everyone.
“They aren’t that sexist here, are they?”

Riah laughed, a sharp, sarcastic sound. “If you think they aren’t sexist here, little girl, you’ve got another thing coming.”

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