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January 19, 2009
By comacozi SILVER, Vernon, Texas
comacozi SILVER, Vernon, Texas
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"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet" - Plato

Amid all the chaos and havoc, her purpose stands mightily - her soul vividly blossoming and intertwining with the atmosphere to produce absolute happiness. I looked on in awe as every fragment of my impaired heart began to form the notes of a beautiful new composition. The infinite warfare that existed within my being ceased to nothing but the heavenly nature that emulated off her every side.

A valiant voice spewed out of her lips, much like a lullaby that had been enslaved for centuries. It replenished the very depths of my soul and brushed it’s perpetual, blissful fragrance through my hair. Her eyes beckoned me to the foundation of rapture and I was engrossed with in the very emotion I had never believed viable. Each imposition in the path plummeted to this elite purity…this living prodigy. Her wings sang with glory and her essence glistened with timeless liberty.

A breath took the journey to my lungs and reality stained the pages. Realization struck like a beautiful lightening. The fantasy was not what it was but indeed a sacred moment that yet was alive with it’s winds in the air. My knees trembled with fear and wonder as her grace cascaded over me and caressed my heart. The horizon came into view as the past backed away. The colors of this new life portrayed it’s ink on my atmosphere. She was the angel who changed it all. She was hope.

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