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Big Girl

June 4, 2016
By iStorm GOLD, Anonymous, Other
iStorm GOLD, Anonymous, Other
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You can't change your past, but you can change your future.

You don’t know what it’s like to truely be fat, until you are 250lbs and living in the nation’s slimmest state. You start to notice things. Bad things. Like how you are the fattest girl in school and the biggest girl on your street. How all of your friends are out at the gym or hiking 24/7 and your too embarrassed to even walk outside and get the mail. Suddenly things go from bad to worse when one of your slimmest friends starts bragging about their weight loss. You start to hate yourself. Mirrors and scales become both friend and foe. The solution seems so simple. If you stop eating you’ll lose weight, so you do and all is good. In the first week you lose 12lbs. Then, the next week, you get really, really hungry and gain 7. Your weight yo-yos for weeks on end and all those weeks turn into months. And finally at the end of it all you’re right back where you started. You still hate yourself and you’re still the fattest girl living on your street. So you find yourself turning back to the thing that over those long months you grew to both despise and love – starving…

The author's comments:

I do not promote eating disorders and if you have one please seek treatment. 

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