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February 19, 2009
By xdekaff SILVER, Calver, Other
xdekaff SILVER, Calver, Other
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Rebecca met Destiny and Time that morning on the beach. Her feet grazed the warm sand as they walked. The tide was out and she was completely dry.

?Hello, I?m Destiny.? Destiny?s face shone and her voice was melodic. Rebecca smiled at her crookedly, feeling unworthy next to such a stunning face.

?And I?m Time,? an equally philharmonic tone spoke. She turned to see him. Time didn?t shine, and there was a sadness to his voice.

Rebecca suddenly heard music from nowhere, from everywhere. ?Dance!? shouted Destiny gleefully, beautifully, charismatically.

And so they danced. Twirl after twirl, movement after movement. The beauty of it was just how perfect it was. The tide rushed in; the harmonic ocean collided with the soft, heated sand. The sun was out but not overbearing. And Rebecca was happy.

The music halted, and they all soaked and drowned in the dry, airy sand. ?You know,? Rebecca mused, ?I could live like this forever. Who cares about Matthew.?

Destiny sat up, resilent and persistent. ?I deigned you two to meet.?

Rebecca smiled. ?You never deigned him knowing that I love him.?

Time sighed. ?The sun is setting.? Time sat up as well. ?You will never get the chance to tell him.? He chuckled.

Rebecca shot up, and looked around her. The velvet purple sky was dimming and the waves were colliding on the sand with such force that it no longer seemed harmonic nor beautiful. ?But I? I never got to tell him! I never got to! I hate you two!? Rebecca was shouting now, amidst tears and pain.

Time and Destiny chuckled and gave a knowing smile. ?This is neither Time nor my fault. There is a third, whom you have been dancing with forever.?

Time put a hand on Rebecca?s shoulder and whispered, ?Choice.?

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