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A Christmas miracle

March 10, 2009
By Ashley Paholski SILVER, Ivoryton CT, Connecticut
Ashley Paholski SILVER, Ivoryton CT, Connecticut
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'Do you remember those cold winter nights when you use to tell me those magical stories while we waited for daddy to come home,' said Grace.
'Why, yes I do. We would wait up and think about your daddy coming home from Iraq,' said Grammy.
'Do you think we could do it again to get my mind off of him not coming home? You know how on TV you see those soldiers all coming home for the holidays, and saying how glad they are to finally see their family again, well I wish my daddy could be here to say that,' said Grace.
'Grace your daddy's not home yet because he is a dedicated soldier. He is like a little boy at Christmas when he gets the toy truck he always wanted, he sticks by it for ever. Your Daddy is sticking by his country. You know that reminds me of a story,' said Grammy.
So the two cuddled up by the fire with some hot chocolate and watched the wood in the fire place crackle as it warmed the room. The only voice in the house that could be heard was the voice of Grace's Grammy. It was the sweetest voice you could imagine. It sounded like a lullaby that relaxed and gave confidence to everyone in the room.
'So Grace, it was the day before Christmas in a little town in South Carolina. Katie and her little brother Josh were very well behaved children, but they had a lot to handle that normally little kids should not have to worry about. Katie and Josh's mom worked a lot so their family could always have food on the table. Katie and Josh were home alone many days of the year because their father was just like yours Grace; he fought in the war in Iraq. Katie and Josh were home from school on Christmas Eve, decorating their house and wishing for their mom to come home from work soon. They had many Christmas wishes, but they figured they were just little kids, and why would something amazing happen to them. For years they had wished for just a little snow in their town. It had not snowed for five years, and Katie loved to look at the world when it was covered in white. Katie imagined the world covered in a white blanket and waking up Christmas morning with a serene look outside. Katie and Josh also wished that their mom could stay home with them just one Christmas eve and not come home at six o'clock at night. Their last wish was that their father would come home from the war. He had been gone for two years, and every time he was granted a leave something would go wrong and he had to stay. Katie and Josh missed running into his arms and receiving the wonderful hugs he gave. They missed walking in the park at Christmas with both their parents carrying them. Most importantly they missed being together as a family and having two parents that love you right next to you. The last time they heard from him was two weeks before Christmas, and their mom wasn't even home from work to talk to him. So on that Christmas Eve Katie and Josh were especially disappointed. The looks on their faces were just heartbreaking as they watched the marathon of Christmas shows on TV. They wished their life was as perfect as the children in the shows on TV. All of a sudden Josh got a great idea, and quickly grabbed some paper and two pairs of scissors. Katie and josh sat in the middle of the living room floor folding the paper and then cutting little triangles out of the sides. They figured if it's not going to snow in South Carolina, why not make it a winter wonderland in here. They had a blast running around and taping snowflakes to the wall. By the time they finished every single wall was covered in white. It was like this family used these snowflakes as wallpaper to cover every inch of the house. This was the most fun Katie and Josh had experienced throughout the whole month of December. While they hung up the remaining snowflakes they danced around the Christmas tree and sang Christmas Carols. They had just finishing singing Frosty the Snowman, when the two collapsed on the floor laughing hysterically. The smiles on their faces could light up a whole a town. All of a sudden the local town clock struck six o'clock, and the children scurried to the window to see if their mom was home. She wasn't so the children got dressed in their pajamas and watched another Christmas movie. Katie and Josh had recently gotten holiday pajamas to wear on the night of Christmas Eve. Katie had a red night gown with Santa and his reindeer on the front. Josh had red and white striped pajamas. He was so little that he could've been mistaken for a blow up candy cane. The two put on their pajamas that kept them as warm as a mother penguin keeps her baby while balancing it on her feet. As they watched The Polar Express they saw two bright lights reflecting off the window. They quickly went to open the door for their mother. They were so happy to see her. They missed her all day, and the three sat down to finish the movie together. As they watched the mother asked if any packages had come today. She was expecting a new pair of boots that she ordered. The children told her it was quiet around the house all day, and they didn't see anyone. The mother was confused why it hadn't come, but she decided that her kids had watched enough TV for one day, and that they should all play a game. Katie suggested they play charades and all the themes had to do with Christmas. Josh wanted badly to go first so he climbed up n the coffee table reaching for a prop he needed. Josh grabbed a little box off the shelf but on his way down from the table he lost his balance and fell into the Christmas tree. Katie screamed, but no one could figure out why. Josh was fine, the tree was still standing, but when her mother looked on the ground the ornament that Katie's father had bought for her was shattered into a million pieces. Katie ran to the couch and started crying. Josh tried to apologize but Katie was beyond upset. She started shouting at her brother, saying that no one can ever replace that ornament, and what if daddy never comes home that was very special to me,' Grammy said as she was telling her story.
'Grammy, this story doesn't seem like a very happy one. Maybe you should stop,' said Grace sadly.
'Don't you want me to finish the story? It will be ok, I am right here,' said Grammy.
'Well, I do want to here what happens, I guess you can continue,' said Grace.
'So, Katie was on the couch crying for hours. Her mom was sitting with her holding her, and Josh was sitting on the floor looking at a picture of his family all together, happy as can be. The house was very quiet now, and all you could hear was the sniffles of poor little Katie. Just as her mother was going to send them to bed someone was knocking on the door. The mother went to answer it, thinking it was the delivery man with her package. As she opened the door, she saw a tall figure standing in the doorway. It wasn't their normal delivery man. In fact it wasn't a delivery man at all. Just then the mother realized that it was'' said Grammy in mid sentence.
'Grammy wait, what is that noise. I think its coming from outside,' said Grace scared to death.
Grammy listened carefully, and then she too heard the noise. It was a faint knocking on the door. With Grace glued to her side Grammy went over to the door. She opened it up and a cold wind met their faces. There stood a tall figure in the doorway.

'Hello Grace, Merry Christmas,' said the figure,

'Daddy!' Grace screamed.
Grace jumped on her father who was standing in the doorway. Grammy pulled them both inside and gave her son a hug. Grace was in her fathers arms and tears were streaming down their faces. Grace hadn't seen her father for a very long time. She missed his hugs, so much. Her father held on tight and didn't let go.

'Daddy I love you so much, and I missed you more than you can ever imagine,' sobbed Grace.

'Oh Grace I missed you too, and I am so glad I could surprise you this Christmas. Tomorrow you, me, your mom, and Grammy are going to have the best Christmas ever, and the best part is we're all going to be together,' exclaimed her father.

'Come on lets all go to bed. Your Daddy has had a long trip home,' said Grammy.

'No Grammy you haven't finished your story yet. Come on daddy sit right here with me and we can here the rest of Grammy's story,' Grace said as she was wiping her eyes free of her tears.

'Ok well finish it. So when Katie's mom realized it wasn't a delivery man, she threw herself into the arms of her husband who was finally home. Katie picked her little head off the couch and her and Josh ran over to their father. They stood in the doorway crying and hugging each other for a long time. It was the best thing that had happened to the Holly family in a very long time. When they finally stepped into their warm house to tell their father what had happened when he was gone, he sat Katie on the couch and pulled something out of his pocket. Katie gasped as she saw what he was holding in his hands. It was another ornament exactly like the one Josh had broke. Katie asked her father how did he know her ornament broke, and he replied with I guess it's just a Christmas miracle. Well then I like miracles replied Katie. Then as the family went out side to help their father with his bags, low and behold the first snowfall in years was falling from the sky. Everything worked out perfectly for the Holly family that year, and nothing else could've happened to touch the Holly family's lives like they were touched. The End,' said Grammy.

As Grammy finished, she looked over at her son and her granddaughter asleep on the couch. They were snuggled up together, and Grace was holding on tighter than ever. If was truly a Christmas miracle that was experienced by Grace's family and nothing could ever take this magical moments place.

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