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Because She Was There

October 4, 2017
By bo_olsen PLATINUM, Nampa, Idaho
bo_olsen PLATINUM, Nampa, Idaho
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I broke your rule. Your rule was to never hurt you, and yet… I broke it.
I never really wanted to do it. She was just… there. She was tall and blonde-well, you are too-but she’s actually blonde. You qualify more as a light brown. She had blue eyes-well, you do too-but yours qualify as dirty water blue, like a child mixed the blue crayon with the brown one. She had beautiful tan skin and a curvy figure-well, you do too-but you qualify more as a chubby-ish curvy-ish figure.
She was just there, staring at me like she needed me-well, you do too-but you’re more desperate.
We were kissing, happy, almost in love, when you walked in.
Your face crumpled. You looked horrified, heartbroken, cheerless. And then you started yelling at me. She ran out, and you stayed. I tried to explain myself, but you didn’t want to hear it. Didn’t want to hear how sorry I was that I broke your rule, your one rule, the only rule you had ever wanted from me.
You started crying then. You collapsed right there where you were standing, sobbing your eyes out screaming why why why?
I stood there, staring down at you in disgust. Why are you such a child?
You stared up at me, your muddy blue eyes red tinged and swimming with more tears. You… Get out! Get out get out get out!
I walked out then. She wasn’t even waiting for me. She had left in her old, dirty, beaten up car.
I stared back at your apartment. You weren’t even looking back.

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