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The Grey rose

April 2, 2009
By Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
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"words are just songs without the corny elevator music behind them"
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Chapter 1

Anna is the one who had it al and lost it all. She was the cheerleader had the quarter back boyfriend. In the view of the average American teenager she was perfect. That was mostly true until March 15 her senior year.

Everything was fine. She was going to college next semester in the fall. Eric and her were even going to the same college. Eric her boyfriend that is. He was nice in her opinion he treated her right opening doors, thoughtful gifts on holidays, bouquets of various flowers on Valentine’s Day, the works. So around winter that year the subject of prom came up and it was decided that they would ride together in Eric’s car. They got to the dance on time danced, socialized and were even voted prom king & queen.

They were on their way home after the dance ended round midnight. They weren’t even 10 miles from her house when it happened. There were no other cars in sight so they were a little surprised when they saw bright lights coming around the corner. In the distance they saw that the vehicle was pretty big so Eric hugged his side of the road to make room for the passing vehicle. As it got closer Anna felt something was not right. Then all of a sudden the vehicle was right in front of them there was no time all Eric did was look at her while a single tear slid down his face. The whole time Anna was quiet she couldn’t find anything to say and right before it hit them she let out a slight scream as the thought of what might happen occurred to her. They were bulldozed into the nearby woods and the last words he said that night while comforting her were “I love you and I always will.” She knew that they wouldn’t live through the night. Well they did at least she did.

Chapter 2

Emma was a good girl. Never past curfew a model citizen in her parents view. She had a boyfriend as well, his name was Adam. He was just like her always on time. Her parents thought of him as their own. Like the son they never had. Everything was fine until freshmen year. He started to get pushier. He wanted to spend more time with her. Like come to her house for study dates. Well a bought three weeks after these study dates began they had their first kiss on one of them. After that it was like a strange ritual they had to kiss at every moment they saw each other. One day Emma’s sister Catlin was having a slumber party. That afternoon after Emma go off the bus Adam called to make sure that they were still on for they’re study date. Emma told him about Catlin’s slumber party and he said “that’s ok we can just study in your room.” She knew her parents rules “no boys past the stair case.” Her father had said when she first started dating Adam. On the other hand she was defiantly sure that she did not want to hear Catlin giggling about how cute some boy in her pre-algebra class was. So of course she said ‘sure, see you in a little while,” and got off the phone. She had to admit she was a little nervous and wasn’t completely caught off guard when Catlin’s friend Elizabeth ask her what was wrong. Emma simply said “there is a test in my history class tomorrow and I’m not ready for it.” Seeing the opportunity of school coming up she quickly retreated after spending eight hours there herself. Adam got there at about five and they studied until about 7:30 PM. The whole time she noticed that he would scoot closer to her until he was practically sitting in her lap and after that he would play with her hair. Knowing something was weird she said that she was getting tired and that she would finish studying in the morning. “I know how to wake you up,” he said as he leaned in to kiss her but she casually leaned back to avoid him. “I just need some sleep,” she said. “come on you can sleep later” Why do you want me to stay up, your normally really nice about this?” she was really confused now. “ I can show you better than I can tell you!” he said as he leaned in again. Emma quickly got up and looked at him. “what is he talking about he is normally really nice why is he acting like this?” she thought. While she was still deep in thought he got up and quickly came over to her and all of a sudden she had this strange feeling that she couldn’t tell what it was. He pulled her to him and with one hand at the nape of her neck and the other at the bottom of her waist holding her close he leaned in to kiss her again knowing that she had nowhere to go but forward. At the moment their lips touched she knew what she felt. She was scared.

Chapter 3

Solomon was a high school dropout who at the last possible moment decided he actually wanted to do something with his life. Unfortunately he was too late. His window of opportunity seemed to have shut right in his face. Bad things always seemed to happen to him. That is just the story of his life. Rejection, loneliness, and the quiet thoughts in his mind were his only company. Since his mom died three years before from an overdose on painkillers due to depression and a broken heart. Since the he had been all alone day in and day out. The only one in a small house on the corner of Pine tree road in east Wisconsin. His dad had left when he was three so Solomon didn’t know much of him. He had heard from his mom that his dad was a drug addict and lived in South Dakota. He didn’t care much though he didn’t know him so his dad was of no importance either ways. But he did know that if he didn’t get a job soon he would loose all the good things that he has now. SO he went to the local convince store and bought a news paper with the change he found in his pocket from his last dead end job. He scanned and searched the newspaper for any possible job that he could get he wasn’t a people person so he couldn’t work at the local restaurants. He wasn’t good a keeping up with things so he couldn’t be a secretary at the local offices. The only job that he had any possibility was a janitorial job at the local high school. So the next day he washed and got ready and started to walk towards the only high school in his small town. He went to the administration office and asked if the position was still open an the secretary said yes and gave him a form to fill out and asked his name and told him to come back in two days for an interview. He nodded and walked out of the school and to his house sat down at the kitchen table and started to fill out the form:


Solomon Smith



DATE of BIRTH: March 23, 1969

and so on...
About halfway through the application he started too get hungry so he went to the refrigerator and pulled out the remains of the sandwich he fixed earlier and grabbed one of the glasses from the cabinet and got a glass of water from the spicket. He then sat down at the table and finished the form. Just as he finished writing down the last answer he heard a knock on the door and went to answer it, only to see some strange man standing in his doorway with a cheesy grin on his face. He looked old he had deep set eyes and graying hair. “Hi, I’m Sam… by chance is this the smith residence?” the man asked “Yes my name is Solomon Smith.” Solomon replied. “your Solomon… but you look like…” the an named Sam said confusingly. “May I help you?” Solomon asked. “you don’t know who I am?” Sam asked disappointed. “all I know is you said your name is Sam and you just showed up on my doorstep.” Solomon replied slightly agitated.”Solomon I’m your father” Sam said.

Chapter 5
Anna Remains

Anna was devastated nothing like this ever happened to her. She was always on top. Now she felt like she was on the bottom of a fifty person dog pile that just got hit by a bus. Lying in a hospital bed with needles in her arm she couldn’t quite remember how she there she just knew that every part of her body hurt. She soon found after a careful look around the room her parents were asleep; her, mom asleep in a chair beside her and her dad asleep in the hospital chair in the corner. She tried to ask her mom why she was here but all that came out was a strange mumbling sound. The second her mom heard the noise she jerked awake and looked around quickly to find her daughters eyes staring back at her. Her eyes started to fill with tears all she could say was “thank god you’re awake, thank god!” Anna hazily confused continued to stare blankly at her delirious mother. She was startled when her mother suddenly pulled her into a lung crushing hug and winced in pain when her mom let go and after she regained the feeling in her arms. The nurse came in shortly after and asked “So…Kristina how’s Anna feeling?” “Much better she’s awake now” Kristina replied enthusiastically. “Good to hear that means it’s time to move her into general care. The doctor would like to see you and your husband to discuss how Anna’s progress is expected to go along now.” The nurse simply stated. “Yes I’ll wake him up now.” Kristina said while walking towards her sleeping husband “Paul… Paul… wake up honey it’s time for Anna to be moved to another room and Dr. Bowen wants to see us in the hall.” Anna hear her father groan he never was a morning person. Groggily Paul got up and him and Kristina went out the door into the hall. The nurse came closer to Anna and said “come on dear lets get you ready for your little move shall we?”

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on Nov. 1 2009 at 11:11 am
Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
51 articles 0 photos 88 comments

Favorite Quote:
"words are just songs without the corny elevator music behind them"
-Me (random thought)

I'm in the process of rewriting this book and making it more detailed and I didn't actually think about that so I'll try to include something to fix that problem thank you for binging it to my attention. I really don't know whiter or not e had time to turn I just write what I think I'd most likely say e was very shocked and was more worried about Anna then the semi

Tybalt SILVER said...
on Oct. 27 2009 at 9:10 am
Tybalt SILVER, Coral Springs, Florida
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I think its good. What I son't understand is that if the boy had time to cry, couldn't he turn the car?