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Analyze Me....I Dare You

April 2, 2009
By kdpunk182 SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
kdpunk182 SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
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Analyze me...I dare you. Everyone else does, why wouldn’t you. My parents analyze me as the golden child and put me on some kind of pedestal. Every time I do something wrong it is like the end of the world because I usually don’t screw up. My teachers analyze me as the smart one, the genius. Why can’t I just be normal? The kids in my class analyze me as a nerd who needs to get a life. Why can’t any of them see me as the real me?

I will tell you why, because they don’t know me. People talk to you once and have you figured out. They see you as they saw you the first time. Nothing changes. So every time they see you they don’t look deeper. No, what they do is analyze something so much so what you said to them fits there first image of you. Why can’t people look at someone and see more than one thing? Why can’t I be more than one word? Why is it that you have to be what other people think of you?

I think sometimes that the only person who actually knows you is God. Everyone else only sees in one pair of eyes. People only see in one persona. One person may see me as a nerd and another set of eyes may see me as goofy. Then sometimes you just act different. Like maybe tomorrow I will think that people know me and that maybe I am just that stereotypical. People can’t be thought of as that weirdo or that pretty one because everything that someone sees can affect them. People don’t stay the same, trust me people change. People change every day. What they here, see, and think changes people. So what do you think about me? Analyze me…I double dog dare you!

The author's comments:
When I wrote this I was mainly writing about my friend. I have listened to her talk and talk and this is kind of what I got out of her one day. So I basically took what she said and wrote it from a whole different type of person's persona. And I really hope you think about how you see people.

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