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One Character, Two Lights

March 13, 2018
By AsenathRose GOLD, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland
AsenathRose GOLD, Chesapeake Beach, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me,"--Shakespeare

Love: The girl's wispy platinum hair caught his eye. As he looked onward, he noticed she was beautiful. It wasn't that she was especially attractive. It was the excitement in her eyes and her confidence in herself. If she wasn't so young and boho, he would've thought she was a member of the army in the way she walked. It was if she was unafraid of the world. As if she knew how everyone perceived her, even if that everything was incorrect.

Hate: Walking home, he saw some platinum-haired girl. She was wearing a long blue gown, with a cheap little smile on her face. She stared at the boy for a minute, and he stared back. She didn't have any makeup on, and she looked like a Quaker in her long dress. I asked her where she thought she was going, and she turned away. She must've only been like twelve.

The author's comments:

When reading a novel, we often wonder how different a character would be perceived if a different narrator was present. This is my somewhat failed attempt at that. 

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