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Dr. Pepper

October 8, 2018
By Jane_25 SILVER, Sedalia, Missouri
Jane_25 SILVER, Sedalia, Missouri
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He had learned that it was addicted to this carbonated drink. When we would go out to eat, the waiter always asked ‘What can I get you to drink?’ The brown haired boy across me would smile immediately. He waited for me to tell them my weakness.

His mom even knew of the addiction. She would buy 10 cases of it for me at one time. I was at the point where it was almost running through my body. Constantly running through my body. But, there was know one else I would rather drink my Dr. Pepper with then the brown haired boy I was falling for. As I entered the restaurant the familiar smell of this old, run down dinner ran through my body. Many memories raced through my mind. My eyes began to water. My heart stopped. I could feel my mind breaking and I didn’t want to stop it. My black dress had tear stains. I knew this was the only place I would feel his presence now.

My waiter knew why I was here. She took me to the same booth the brown haired boy and I always dinned at. The Cracked red leather booth across from me was to empty. The table looked dull. The booth wasn't and bright either. It was dull. Everything was dull.

“What can I get you to drink ma’am?” She waited for my reply.

“I’ll… I'll take uhh… Dr. Pepper please.” I didn’t let my gaze leave the blood colored, ripped up booth. It will always be empty now. No one will fill that empty seat across from me.

I could feel the tears well up in the corners of my eyes. They got heavier, and heavier. I was beginning to lose sight of the menu. I glossy covering filled my eyes. Finally, they fell, and my heart fell with them.

“I’m sorry for your lose.” She seemed legitimately upset for me. She left our table. Our table now occupied by one. Not two souls just one lost soul. I couldn’t stop looking at the empty booth across from me.

There would no longer be a sarcastic joke about my unhealthy obsession. He was gone forever. It took five seconds for him to look down at his phone. And those five seconds took his next 10 years. Those five seconds took him from me. He was texting me. He had just bought me some Dr. Pepper and was on his way. I loved him so much. Now he is gone. No more Dr. Pepper for him. I’ll keep buying Dr. Pepper and leaving one out for the brown haired boy. What I would do to have one more with him.

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...leaving one out for the brown haired boy...

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on Nov. 5 2018 at 7:38 pm
DailyCreative BRONZE, Wood Dale, Illinois
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OMG SO SAD almost cried. But I can see what you put in this and it's beautiful. Thank you for that.