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Love's A Mystery

April 24, 2009
By Hannahbear GOLD, Blue Jay, California
Hannahbear GOLD, Blue Jay, California
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“Silver, blue and white! Let’s go! Let’s fight!” I was at a high school football game, cheering. I felt honored to be cheering with the high school cheerleaders. I mean, I was just a little junior cheerleader. The only reason I was even cheering with them was because it youth night at the high school, so the junior cheerleaders were required to cheer with them.

But, as much as I loved cheering with them, I had better, more important things to do. You see, since it was youth night, almost everyone from school was there. Including my best friend, Emma. More importantly though, Micheal was their, the guy of my dreams. It sounds stupid, I know, but it wasn’t often that I saw him outside of school. We had gone out about three times before, and he had just broken up with me a couple days before the game. To make a long story short, I still liked him. A lot. So, naturally, when my coach told me I could leave, I practically grabbed my bag and ran away!

I walked through the immensely crowded high school, looking for my friends. I spotted them by lunch tables hanging out and talking. “Hey, Emma!” I yelled. Even though I was really far away, I have a cheerleaders voice, so she heard me right away!

“Oh, hey, Madison! You’re finally done! We wondering when you would come over here and “not stare” at Micheal the whole time.” She thought she was so funny!

“Haha, very funny! I’ll have you know I’m over that heartbreaking player!” I was determined to make her believe that I really was over him. Ha! That’s a good one! Ever since he had asked me out last May, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him, or liking him for that matter! But, it couldn’t hurt—oh my gosh! Micheal! He looks so cute! I want him back!

“Really? Because you know you’re kind of staring at him with those googly eyes that you always have when you see him….”

“Well, I ummm…..i wasn’t staring at him I was uhhhh….admiring his shirt!” Dang. She had caught me off guard!

She just rolled her eyes at me. “Whatever you say, Madison. Hey, let’s go see if you really are over him. Look ever there.” I looked at where she was pointing. Micheal. It would have been a perfect picture, except for Ava, the OTHER girl who was in love with him. I sighed. “Yeah. You know what I’m talking about. We’re gonna go over there, and see if you get that jealous look on your face.”

I swear she hated me. We walked over there and I cringed when I saw Ava give him a hug. I wouldn’t let Emma win, though. I would be able to handle this. He was just a guy, a stupid guy that broke my heart. Crap. We were here now.

“Hey, Ava! Good game, huh?” I new what she was doing. Emma was trying to make me jealous.

Before I had the chance to hear her response, I darted over to my other friend, Abigail. “Abigail!!!!!” I yelled. I had to get my attention off of Ava and Micheal.

“Madison!” She was always excited to see me! “Spin with me!” She grabbed my hands and we started twirling in endless circles. It was tons of fun! “Ok, when I let go of you, try and run up the stairs!” Oh boy!

She let go, and I flew across the ground! When I regained my composure enough to see where the stairs were, I started running toward them. Running up stairs when you’re super dizzy is not the easiest thing in the world! I was about half way up when I heard a voice. “Come on! You’re almost to the top!” I would know that voice any day. Micheal.
I stopped in my tracks, and put on the “I’m still in love with you, but I’m acting like I hate you” face. “Don’t talk to me!” I shot back at him. Then he gave me the “What the heck is your problem” face. “I’m just kidding!” He wasn’t buying it. Wow. Why do I always have to blow it with him? Isn’t this what I wanted, him to talk to me, notice me? Of course. I’m so stupid.

I slowly walked back down the stairs. “Hey! You didn’t make it to the top!” Abigail said.

“Why do I always have to blow it with Micheal?” I felt like crying. I slowly made my way to the lunch tables and sat down. Abigail was already long gone. She was spinning in circles and about to run up the stairs. I laid my head on the table and sighed. This wasn’t the best start to my Saturday night.

“Maddie? What’s the matter?” Leave it to Emma to be the first to comfort me. I just gave her a look, and she knew. “Madison Olivia Williams! Are you letting Micheal get to you again?” I nodded my head. “Maddie! You can’t let that dumb boy get in your head! He’s not worth it, and you know it! I’m not gonna let you spend your Saturday night sitting at a table, watching everyone else have fun! You are going to come with me and make the most of tonight! I don’t care if you flirt Micheal, if that’s what will snap you out of this!”

“You know what Em? You’re right! I’m gonna have the time of my life tonight! I’m not gonna let Micheal determine whether I have a good time or not!”

“That’s my girl! Now let’s go over there and have some fun!”

I was ready! I actually wanted to have a good time, without Micheal! Wow. I was proud of myself! It had definitely been awhile since I had enjoyed myself without Micheal. I was ready. I even thought that I was on the road to recovery. It sounds weird, being on the road to recovery from a guy, but it was true! Getting over Micheal Florence was not exactly the easiest thing in the world!

We walked over to where everybody was hanging out, I felt very confident, surprisingly. Ava was still flirting with Micheal, but I didn’t care as much. “Dude! Hannah! Give me my shoe back!” Micheal and Hannah were in a very intense game of keep away, and it was pretty entertaining! “Hannah! Ugh! Madison! Get my shoe back for me!” It took a moment to realize that Micheal’s shoe was coming flying through the air right at my face!

I caught it, and I pondered for a few seconds, trying to figure out what to do with it. I could give it back to Micheal, and get on his good side. Or, I could run and take it, and flirt with him. Hmmm..I picked option two!

I looked at him, gave him a sly look, and dashed up the stairs! “Maddie! Give it back!” He yelled after me.

“Come and get!” I yelled back, very flirtatiously, if I do say so myself!

“Well,” he said slyly, “I won’t have to.” I looked at him confused. “Hey, guys, come over here!” I followed his point of view, and did not like what I saw. The football team. Running up the stairs. To me. To get his shoe. Oh boy!
I screamed at the top of my lungs, and ran into the high school. Unfortunately, they followed me. I ran down the never ending hallway, and they were right on my tail the whole time! I made a sharp left, and I found myself in a huge maze of classrooms. I had lost he football players, though, so that was a plus.

I made my way through the never ending halls of the high school, and found myself right where I started. I walked to the door, and tried to pull it open. Oh crap. Locked! I was locked in the high school! Ok, Maddie. Don’t freak. I reached into my pocket to grab my cell phone…Double crap. I didn’t bring it with me to the game. My bad.

I started banging on the door and yelling for help. This could take awhile. A few minutes went by, and who starts coming down the hallway to save my life? Micheal. Wow. He saw me and started running toward me. When he opened the door, I ran away. I mean, what was the harm in an extra little flirting game?

“Maddie? Seriously, we have to get out here! Security is after us! We’re not allowed to be in here!”

I threw his shoe back at him and said, “Easier said than done, the doors lock.”
He just looked at me with a face that said,” Why do you always get yourself into these situations?”
“I’m sorry!”
“It’s fine,” he said, “I know this school inside and out. Come on. We’re gonna have to run so security doesn’t catch us.”

“OK, whatever. I just want to get out of here!”

We ran around the school for about fifteen minutes, only to find that every door we tried to open was locked. “You ok?” He asked, obviously meaning me being able to keep up with him for this long.

“Yeah, I’m good.”

We finally found a door that led outside. The only problem was that we were on the outside of the school. As in on the street. As if things couldn’t get any worse. “Come on Madison, I know where we are, just a little bit more. You keeping up ok?” I nodded my head. The only reason I was even able to keep up with him was because I was determined to spend as much time as I possibly could with him.

After I saw the football field, I felt a lot better. I started to let my mind wander. This was a fairy tale night. I was having so much fun. Being lost in the high doesn’t exactly sound like the ideal idea of fun, but where you’re with the guy you like immensely, anything is fun!

We were about to enter the school gates, and most likely get flooded with question on what had happened, when he stopped me, and looked deep into my eyes. “Maddie, I think there is a reason we are still friends after everything we have been through together. I haven’t figured out what that reason is, but until I have, here’s something to hold you over.” Then, he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t anything huge, or obnoxious, just enough to tell me how much I meant to him.

He then took my hand, and we faced the huge crowd of people that was coming our way. This was where I wanted to stay; forever, hand in hand with the guy of my dreams, Micheal Florence.

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This was ok... idk it was kind of...well not very original and very shallow. And no offense but you used too many exclamation marks too...