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Broken Heart

October 27, 2019
By QueenOfTheWorld SILVER, Joplin, Missouri
QueenOfTheWorld SILVER, Joplin, Missouri
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That's how our first conversation started. It was simple but beautiful. Or, to me it was. After weeks of effort, Jack finally asked me out. And here I am, on our first date.

We went to a restaurant, the fancy kind only rich kids could pay for. It was a Greek restaurant, and it was so good. I loved every bite. Afterwards, we drove in his car to his house and watched The Birds. I screamed and he held me close. I have never had someone this comforting before. The night ended with Jack looking at me with his emerald green eyes and telling me he loved me. And a kiss.

The following weeks were all the same. We went somewhere to eat and then watched a movie. Rinse, repeat. But I kind of liked the strict structure of our dates because I always knew at the end he would tell me he loved me. And all I needed was that.

Jack, one day out of the blue, came up to me at lunchtime. He sat by me and informed me that we couldn't have our usual date tonight. Family business or something. I was okay with that. I was planning on going to the movies anyway with my friend Lacy.

1/2 an hour before me and Lacy were going to the movies, Lacy called and said she couldn't make it. I said okay. I went by myself. It wasn't as fun as going with someone, but the movie was good and popcorn was half off.

I walked home from the theatre and saw a couple making out by a lamp post. It was a typical romantic scene and I wished Jack was with me right now. As I walked by, the light shined on the lover's faces. It was Jack and Lacy.

I saw that and then walked on. I would not be the victim of a broken heart.

The author's comments:

This is somewhat based off of a story of two of my friends.

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